Saturday, April 09, 2011

Post-season grades- the guards

- Trevor Releford: A-. Releford made great strides from November to April. He seemed to regain confidence in his outside shot around February and IMO that carried us to the run we went on in the SEC. His court vision is something I have not seen from a PG in recent memory (no offense Steele, Pettway, Mo) and my only gripe with his is he leaves his feet too much to pass when penetrating. That caused a lot of turnovers.

- Senario Hillman: C. The one consistent thing about Hillman was his defense. Fought through picks, played good man to man, not a whole lot of silly defensive fouls. Offensively he could've been a mason at times. Lots of airballs, plain bad shots, and never developed a midrange jumper.

- Ben Eblen: D. When the best thing you can say is he gave Releford a break... that's not good. He was scared to shoot the ball. I mean... he took less than 10 total shots from February 1st to the end of the year. It was like we were playing 4 on 5 when he was on the court.

- Andrew Steele: C. His return to our lineup really started our run through the SEC. Played good D, scored early on, and gave us somewhat of perimeter threat for a bit. Last part of the season he kind of disappeared and the concussion did him in.

- Charvez Davis: B-. Our only decent 3 point threat... good at home... horrific on the road. Again, he also played steady D, and did take the ball to the rim and converted more often than not. He gets a B- for being really bad on the road... if he shot just 33% on the road we might've won 2 more road games and been in the NCAAT.

- Kendall Durant: D. I can say I actually saw him play. Chances are we won't next season. I'm not sure what happened to him (after injury), but we sure could've used his outside shot. He gets a D since he didn't see the court after the Purdue game.


MSmilie said...

Bobby: I think your grade of Eblen is unfair. Early in the season, yes, I cringed whenever he entered the game. As the season wore on though, I really thought he came to understand his role well and became more confident in that role.

His role was basically to come in and give Trevor some rest on the bench. His primary assigment was protect the ball and defend. I thought he did that very well by the end of the season. The team would have a lead when Trevor went out, and would not lose that lead and would sometimes build on it with Ben in the game.

I think he deserves somewhere in the neighborhood of a B not for his overall talent, but for playing his role on the team.

bobbyjack said...

The kid rarely made it past the 3 point line in the offense. And no one bothered to guard him within 5 feet. He was good for dribbling the ball to mid court. Defensively he was at best mediocre. He tried his best, but I can't remember a player getting as many minutes as he did (roughly 10MPG) and not making some sort of impact. He had more PFs than total points. I didn't think that was possible.
I could push him up to a C-, but that's about it.