Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trevor Lacey signed with Alabama!

Welcome to Tuscaloosa, Trevor, and great job Coach Grant and staff. With this recruiting class and the returning talent coming back next year, it's GAME ON! RTR!


MSmilie said...

Awesome news. I can't wait for November. It could be a special season if the incoming guys are ready to buy into Grant's system.

Alabama Lib (Roll Tide) said...

How many more days 'til tip-off !

Whom are we playing !

Can we put a countdown ticker at this website ? ? ?

I can't wait for BAMA BASKETBALL to get started ! ! !

(Good luck to our Softball, T&F, Golf Teams in the NCAA's and the Baseball Team in its home finale)

God Bless all of our Human Family in memory of 4-27-11

Anonymous said...