Monday, July 18, 2011

Predict where xCMG finishes in his 1st year in the ACC

That is the great Mark Gottfried for those that can't figure out initials.
I say the Wolfpack finishes 4th in the ACC... behind UNC, Duke, and VA Tech.

Since it's the slow season (reason no posts this month up until now) the next one from me will be a MLB ballpark one. :)


Anonymous said...

Coach Gottfried is going to challenge Coach K and Roy Williams for supremacy in the ACC. If he can take us from a almost dead program to a perennial top 25 team there is no doubt he will get NC State back to their place in the top 20 every single season.

A change in atmosphere will rekindle Coach Gottfried's fire. NC State is lucky to have him.

MSmilie said...

Oh my, someone's been dipping into the medicine bag again. Mark Gottfried is going to challenge K and Roy in the ACC? Are you out of your mind? The ACC is a pale imitation of what it's been in the past, but you could put any number of great coaches in the NC State job and none of them would be able to challenge Duke and Carolina on a consistent basis.

Need I remind you that he took Alabama from a dead program to....uh a dead program? Yes, there were some good moments inbetween, but he still left the program in horrible shape.

I certainly think Mark owed it to himself to go back into coaching, but I'm not so sure he ended up with the best job for himself. He's going to have a hell of a time recruiting against Duke and Carolina, even more of a tough time beating them on a regular basis. Can he get State back to 18-20 win seasons and postseason play? Yeah, he probably can. Unfortunately, that didn't make the State fans happy when Sendek was in town so I seriously doubt it will make them happy with Mark in charge.

As far as where they finish this season: The ACC is down right now. After Carolina, Duke and maybe - maybe - Florida State, I don't see any standout teams in the conference. Thus, he has a chance to finish in the top half of the league if his team brings it. Unfortunately, there's nothing that separates his team from any of the remaining teams in the conference that are going to be fighting for position. They could finish 4th, but they could also finish in the lower half again.

bobbyjack said...

Just saw the 1st comment. Wow... please send me what you're having.