Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011-2012 Schedule released

Apparently, we were just waiting on the SEC Schedule. Click the title for the full schedule.


MSmilie said...

Ah, a wonderful bit of news on an otherwise dreary day for yours truly.

Man, that is a mother of a schedule. There's only two games on that schedule I would call "easy" and that's the opener against North Florida and the Bama A&M game. Oakland is a good basketball program, Jacksonville has been consistent in the A-Sun, Detroit is expected to compete for the Horizon League. Man, that is a tough schedule. Will our guys have anything left when conference play starts? I'm not certain this won't prove to be a case of overscheduling when all is said and done.

DJC said...

The good news is, 18 or 19 wins SHOULD be enough to go dancing with that schedule. Our RPI is going to be solid.