Friday, August 26, 2011

Gueye likely out for season with a torn ACL

Click the title for the sad story. He had surgery today after tearing his ACL in a pickup game Wednesday. Absolute best case scenario is that he is back in February, but it's highly doubtful he would be 100% then. I would expect him to take a medical redshirt at this point. This leaves us, once again, with very little depth in the post. Expect Tony to play more down low, and we now desperately need Nick Jacobs to step up and produce right away. Hopefully Engstrom has continued to improve and can help us at center. Best wishes to Moussa for a speedy recovery. Remember, he also missed most of his last juco season with a leg injury of some sort.


bobbyjack said...

Maybe Hankerson can help inside... I dunno. Let's hope year 2 of the Carl experiment pays dividends.


BamaLib said...

Very desperately do we need for Green to stay out of Foul Trouble !

But there's hope:
Avoidance of foul trouble often coincides with Experience.

Anonymous said...

Just my opinion, but having already missed a year, he needs to begin playing as soon as possible. Eschew the redshirt.

DJC said...

Anonymous, at best he would be back for the post season in March. MAYBE the last week or so of February, but I highly doubt he would be 100% even then. If he can help the team in the postseason, maybe, but you also have to be careful about throwing another guy into the rotation and messing up chemistry at that point too. I think you only bring him back if he is able adequately address a weakness in the post at that point. If somebody else steps up and we are not losing games because of the C position, I think we should save a year of eligibility.

Alias said...

I've heard more than one physician say it is very rare that anyone could come back and rehab an injury of this type in that sort of a time. Is there any way we can bulk up Engstrom?