Friday, August 26, 2011

Miss St dismisses freshman guard for profane tweets

STARKVILLE – D.J. Gardner‘s tweets last night left fans scratching their heads, and now the freshman guard is headed back home.

The talented freshman was booted “permanently” from the team this morning “for repeated action deemed detrimental to the team,” according to a Mississippi State official.

MSU coach Rick Stansbury declined comment through a team spokesman.

The dismissal came just a day after the Okolona native tweeted a profanity-laced message about being red-shirted this year at MSU.

“These b***es tried to f**k me over.. That’s y I red shirted .. But I wish my homies a great as* season.. I don’t even know y I’m still here”

Click the link to read... truth be told DJ Gardner had it coming. Now I feel dirty for agreeing with Stansbury... but the kid is probably telling the truth about Stansbury and staff lying to him during recruitment.


DJC said...

Yet beating the shit out of your teammates on national TV is okay? Glad there's no double standard over there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Stansbury will send out spies to determine the secret Twitter accounts for the whole team, and then he will dismiss them all.

Alias said...

$tan$field probably just got upset because he did not get paid his standard royalties. I honestly do not understand that guy.