Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SEC East 2011-12 Schedules

I don't have the time I used to thus the less frequent updates. Therefore, I'm going to lump the SEC East in with one post.

South Carolina

Florida has finally scheduled more than 2 tough non-conference teams (Ohio St, Syracuse, Arizona, FSU, UAB), Kentucky always has a sweet pre-SEC lineup (Kansas, UNC, St John's, Louisville), UGA has a few decent matchups (Cal, Xavier, Colorado, Mizzou/Notre Dame, GA Tech), Vanderbilt stepped up their game (Louisville, NC St, Xavier, Marquette and maybe Texas), Tennessee continues to punish themselves (Duke, Michigan/Memphis, Pitt, College of Charleston, UConn, at Memphis), and the Cocks... well, they really need to stockpile wins, but they won't (UNC, USC/UNLV, Clemson, Ohio St).

Overall, the SEC as a conference has really stepped up their non-conference schedules. I remember in years past when I posted them I was almost embarrassed to see the cupcakes on their collective schedules.

One day... when Mississippi St gets around to finalizing a schedule I'll post that too. Also, when single game tickets go onsale for the marquee Alabama basketball games I'll post that as well (after I order the ones I'm going to first... of course).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ole Miss 2011-12 basketball schedule

I was going to combine Ole Miss and M$U into one post, but $tate hasn't released their full schedule yet. Ole Miss A lot of road games on the non-conference slate including a trip to St Thomas where I assume they'll fare better than we did last year... very weak though. A lot of middle of the road teams (Marquette possibly, Miami, at Depaul and Penn St), but not one big name game on the slate. It's probably for the best as Andy Kennedy has to be on the hot seat as well.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LSU's 2011-12 Basketball Schedule

Their non-conference schedule is not all that tough despite what they say. I see Marquette as the only marquee (and that's a stretch) matchup before SEC play. Schedule I have to believe Trent Johnson is on the hot seat. His teams have regressed from his 1st year and supposedly year 4 is when it's all on the coach. I don't see him surviving with us, Mississippi St, Ole Miss, and Arkansas being better on paper than them.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Auburn's 2011-12 basketball schedule

The non-conference slate is what Dick Vitale terms "CUPCAKE CITY BA-BEE!"


Saying that, they'll be lucky to come into SEC play better than 8-6. They have 2 Big East school (middle of the road ones) that they won't beat and a trip to Hawaii where they'll pull an Alabama in St Thomas and come home with a bagel.

They are AUful not AUsome, but probably better than last year.

I think I might end up seeing us beat their heads in.