Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LSU's 2011-12 Basketball Schedule

Their non-conference schedule is not all that tough despite what they say. I see Marquette as the only marquee (and that's a stretch) matchup before SEC play. Schedule I have to believe Trent Johnson is on the hot seat. His teams have regressed from his 1st year and supposedly year 4 is when it's all on the coach. I don't see him surviving with us, Mississippi St, Ole Miss, and Arkansas being better on paper than them.

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MSmilie said...

It's not a bad schedule. Certainly not brutal, but far from the softness of Auburn's non-conference schedule. That game at Coastal Carolina could be a trap game, the Charleston Classic has some solid teams (Northwestern, VCU, Seton Hall and Tulsa), road games at Houston and Rutgers won't be easy as both are expected to be improved (Rutgers in particular), Boise State is actually getting better in basketball and Virginia is expected to be much better this season. It's not a bad schedule.

You're right about Trent Johnson. I think he's a great coach, but why he left a program he established at Stanford to come to Baton Rouge is beyond me. He proved he can win his first year provided he's got some talent. This is probably the best team he's had since that first year so they've got to show marked improvement.