Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ole Miss 2011-12 basketball schedule

I was going to combine Ole Miss and M$U into one post, but $tate hasn't released their full schedule yet. Ole Miss A lot of road games on the non-conference slate including a trip to St Thomas where I assume they'll fare better than we did last year... very weak though. A lot of middle of the road teams (Marquette possibly, Miami, at Depaul and Penn St), but not one big name game on the slate. It's probably for the best as Andy Kennedy has to be on the hot seat as well.

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Alias said...

It doesn't matter who else they play, we always have a difficult time with this program. They are the counterpart to M$U and our football team. It doesn't matter how bad they are we are just as likely to lose at the Tad Pad as we are to win.