Sunday, October 09, 2011

Why doesn't Alabama have a Midnight Madness?

If you want to get the fanbase hyped up about hoops you should have one. Hopefully this becomes a reality.

Nothing else to add... just a random thought.

In other news... I do like this link.

It's a link to


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about the fans come to the basketball games dressed in white longsleeve shirts and grey or black slacks. I know the students can do it since they get dressed to the nine for football. Coach Grant will get a kick out of this. Just try it. This will send a huge message to the opponents.

DJC said...

Or we can wear Crimson, you know, the school colors?

Anonymous said...

has begun ! ! !

Basketball Practice at Bama
is in session ! !

World, get ready !

The rest of you go ahead,
and enjoy your li'l parties of madness and follies,

...meanwhile the Crimson Tide is swelling, rising, preparing ! You heard it here !

Best Wishes to Bama Men's and Women's Basketball for a successful 2011-2012 Season !