Saturday, November 19, 2011

Know your enemy- Purdue Boilermakers... FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP!

Purdue beat Temple to set up our match-up with them Sunday night at 7:30PM EST. Here's a link to their season stats.
The 2011-12 revenge tour continues as Purdue manhandled us in West Lafayette last year. This time it's going to be different.

Robbie Hummel is still there (seems like he's been there since I was in school) leading the team with 20.8 PPG and 5.3 boards. Him and Ryan Smith so far have been lethal from 3... both shooting over 50%. yeah... keep an eye on them out there.

- 84.8 PPG
- 46% FG
- 44.6% 3 PG FG
- +1.3 rebound margin
- 9 steals per game

Like us, Purdue empties their bench... shuffling in 5 off the bench (10 total). Size-wise... not much of an advantage... but we'll need either Mitchell or one of our big freshman to try to contain Hummel.

Prediction: Yeah... I predicted we'd lose to Wichita St, but now that we got the chance to win this thing I can't see us missing out. Too much Green, Mitchell, and Releford with some big production off the bench (Hankerson, Jacobs, Lacey) pushes us past the boilermakers by 9.

Game is on ESPN2

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Bama Lib'rl said...

A much better prediction !
Good job !

I sure was hoping we could win this one in double-digits too. So far the winning margins have been +20, +17, +20, +10, and now +9 (because we LET the Purdue player score the last bucket).

About recruiting ..... is there only one scholarship that is available for the next class?