Monday, November 14, 2011

Know your enemy (sort of)- Oakland Grizzlies

We welcome the Grizzlies to Coleman in what should be a tough match up.  If you remember from last year these Grizzlies went into Knoxville and beat the hated Viles the game after the Viles went and beat Pittsburgh. No... this team is not from the west coast... it's Oakland, MI (up near Pontiac I believe).

First, here's a link to their official site. This is their opening game (played 2 exhibitions).

I've read Oakland is either preseason #1 or 2 in the Summitt league. Chances are they'll represent in the NCAAs. I figured they'd return a bunch from their 2010-11 team, but looking at the stats and roster they are only return 2 of their top 6 scorers?

Putting stats from last year is kinda useless so I wont link them, but it's on the official site. From their 1st exhibition game they did shoot the ball well (50%), 41.7% from 3 and a decent 72% from the free throw line. Badger, Cushingberry, and Lucas-Berry went a combined 10-19 from beyond the arc.

Prediction- Oakland will hang with us for most of the game, but in the end it's too much JaMychal and Mitchell as we win by 8.

Game time is 8PM EST (7PM CST) at on the radio, or on the web (if you can find a streaming station). I once again will miss this as the day job will get in the way.

A link to one of their blogs.

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MSmilie said...

I expect our guys to have a battle tonight. Oakland has experienced some turnover, but they return some good players and they are well-coached. Our guards need to be ready to play because Oakland's strength is in their backcourt.

Reggie Hamilton is a fantastic point guard. He was a 1st team All-Summitt League player a year ago. He can score and dish the ball. Whatever Bama chooses to defensively better start with this guy. Laval Lucas-Perry is a transfer from Michigan who sat out last season, but he was well-regarded. He started a majority of his games at Michigan so he can play. Blake Cushingberry is another guard who shot 44% from 3 two years ago (he sat out last season with a knee injury). And they have another guard, Travis Bader, who can also light it up. Point being: there are going to be 3 or 4 guys on the floor all night who will be able to shoot the ball so our perimeter defense has to be strong tonight.

We should have the talent advantage in the paint with JaMychal. Oakland has a couple of 6-10 guys and a 7-footer, but they're all freshmen.

I'm hoping for the best and I believe Bama wins, but I'll be pleasantly surprised if they win by double digits.