Sunday, November 27, 2011

Know your enemy- VCU Rams

VCU comes into Tuscaloosa at 3-2. They have been beaten down by very mediocre teams (Seton Hall and GA Tech) so right now they are not the same team that went from the first 4 to the Final 4.


Troy Daniels and Bradford Burgess average double digits, Juvonte Reddic leads the team in boards, and Darius Theus leads in assists at a little over 4 per game.

The numbers
- 36.8% FG
- 31% 3PT FG
- 76.1% FT
- 13.4 turnovers
- 62.8 PPG

Prediction- we should run them out of the gym. Seton Hall and GA Tech are mediocre to bad and they thumped the Rams so a top 15 squad should in theory do the same at home. I don't care what they did last March... it has nothing to do with them now. Alabama behind Green's double-double and Levi's shooting by 17.

Game time is 9:30PM EST (8:30PM CST) on ESPNU. I doubt I'll see a minute of this game, but will try to track it online somewhere.

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