Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughts on the Penn State/Sandusky-Paterno scandal

As many of you long time readers know, I'm a Yankee... a Yankee that grew up watching Penn St football and up until I decided to attend the University of Alabama some 20 years ago was my favorite college team. What has happened up there over a period of 20 years (which is just now coming out) is reprehensible. How this could go (child abuse/molestation/etc.) on as long it did up there with no one blowing the whistle is mind-boggling to me.

The Sandusky charges stand on their own... I think most everyone believes he should rot in hell for it, but let's talk about the non-action by the rest of Penn State's administration. First, let's start with the grad assistant (Mike McQueary) that witnessed this. The best he could do is tell his daddy (he was 28 at the time) who advised him to tell Paterno? Come on man! At the very least he should've broken it up. I probably would've beaten Sandusky within an inch of his life (or died trying), but at the very least get the child out of there.

Then there's Joe Paterno... he reported it to his 'boss' and never followed up. Seriously, it wasn't like Sandusky stole some football pads... he was molesting a child! This is the part that gets me big time... Paterno could've stopped this in 2002, but his inaction (or him wanting to keep this on the down low) allowed Sandusky to carry on for another decade.

As the father of 2 young boys this whole scandal sickens me. While Paterno, McQueary, and most of the Penn St administration are not directly liable (and I defer to the 2 lawyers that post here on this) there has to be some sort of moral code in them to stop this.

I generally try to keep this board devoid of my opinions and stick to data, but this one hit a nerve. I'm saddened for all those Penn St grads and fans, their football team, and first and foremost the poor kids that suffered under Sandusky. This is easily the biggest scandal ever to hit college sports... and hopefully the last of its kind.

Back to basketball with a preview of our opening regular game later on.

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