Sunday, December 18, 2011

Box score of Wildcat rout and a couple comments

Box score

DJC summed up nicely what is wrong with the team right now... what I want to stress is the SERIOUS PROBLEM WE HAVE IN THE HALF COURT OFFENSE. We look like a Mark Gottfried coached team out there... a bunch of dribbling around the perimeter, a bunch of guys just watching, and Green putting up shots with under 10 on the shot clock. I did like seeing Releford driving early in the game... and that vanished in the second half.

Another glaring weakness I see is getting the rebounds. I stopped counting at 10 that KSU (most recent team) either pulled down on the offensive end or at least got their hands on it to extend the play. We really miss Chris Hines as we don't have a single player that does what he did last year... not to mention leadership... another quality this team sorely lacks.

As DJC posted below... the rest of the non-conference games are critical now. We need to win them all... and while I think we squeeze one out of the Okie St Cowboys, I have doubts of winning in Phillips Arena vs GA Tech. I'll be at both so DJC and I can compare note and post 2 different views of the games :).

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