Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dayton 38 Bama 27 at halftime

Edit (bobbyjack)- added spacing and box score... not sure why we were dominated by Dayton, but it happens sometimes.

A quick update at halftime since I know a lot of people are not able to watch. It's not on TV, but is being streamed at in piss poor quality I might add. Very small window, grainy, hard to see, and the announcers are clueless.

Anyway, from what I can tell, the key to this abysmal performance so far was JaMychal Green's 2 early fouls, the 2nd of which was intentional. We still can't hit a 3, and I don't know why we continue to shoot as many of them as we do. Our substitution patterns have been awful. We had Ben Eblen and Carl Engstrom on the court at the same time for a good portion of the first half. In fact, our last play of the first half resulted in Carl setting a pick and roll with Ben, thankfully he passed off Lacey who miraculously made a 3. Releford is not having a good game either with 2 fouls. Nick Jacobs has stepped up on the offensive end, but is not getting it done defensively. Dayton has done a good job of breaking our double teams and knocking down 3's. We are lucky to only be down 11, it was 16 at one point. If we are going to come back, Green needs to stay on the floor and be a senior leader on the road. No more stupid fouls 40 feet from the basket, especially of the intentional variety. The freshmen need to calm down, and we need to hustle. They beat us to way too many offensive rebounds in the first half. Also, they have a new format for writing these posts, and I can't readily figure out to space for separate paragraphs.

Ugh. UPDATE: FINAL, DAYTON 74 BAMA 62 Will post more tomorrow.

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Thanks for posting. This one HURTS!