Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Know your enemy- Oklahoma St Cowboys... in Birmingham

I jokingly said the outcome of this game should determine who plays LSU for the BCS Title, but after seeing us the last 2 weeks I change my mind.

The good news is Okie St is 0-4 in neutral site games... and being this is in Birmingham this bodes well. The Pokes come in at 6-4 with all of their losses coming to 'name' teams (Stanford, VA tech, Pitt, New Mexico). They are on a 2 game skid.

Note- New Mexico was in OKC, but not at their home arena so somehow that counts as a neutral site game... or something.

Season stats

Led by Le'Bryan Nash and Keiton Page at 12.7 PPG, they don't exactly strike fear offensively. Page and Guerrero are the ones to watch beyond the arc. They don't have a lot of big guys so Green should in theory have a big game. I'm sooo looking forward to watching BIG Carl Engstrom post up Philip Jurick and vice versa. It will be like the moveable object vs the stoppable force.

The numbers:
- 42.1% FG
- 33.8% 3pt FG
- 69.3 PPG
- -.7 rebound margin
- 12.6 turnovers

Prediction: Okie St can hang with us for maybe a half, but our size advantage (rare to us) and athleticism should put this game out of reach with under 5 to go. Alabama by 13.

Game is on ESPNU at 9PM EST (8PM CST). I wish I could tell you I'll be taking notes, but that would be a lie. I'll be there in attendance though.


MSmilie said...

This is a must-win game, no doubt about it. The guys have to do something to put the brakes on this losing skid and go into the Christmas break with some confidence.

While I agree that Bama has a slight size advantage, I'm not sure our guys are that much more athletic than OSU's. I think OSU has a deeper bench so that may be a factor. Both teams have trouble offensively so if Alabama can play 40 minutes of good defense and have a modicum of success on the offensive end, they should be in good shape. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case in the last few games.

Out of sheer desperation for Bama to win this game, I'm going to pick them to win a low-scoring game by six points. 1st team to 65 wins. I hope to see them come out with a sense of urgency.

bobbyjack said...

I'll go ahead and say it... we lose this game we better go 12-4 in conference play or we'll be in the NIT again.

BamaLib said...

A SEC record for Bama of 12-4 is looking more and more feasible since seeing a bunch of losses lately by SEC teams, especially Vandy. oh oh... wait a minute, how many SEC Road Games (aka losses) we have? These SEC Teams have me so confused this year ! !

Oklahoma State has some good 3-point shooters, so I'm a little paranoid about that, since our players are prone to leaving 3-point shooters wide open.

And now my Prediction for who almost Fouls out in the OSU Game. This time, it will be Trevor Releford.