Thursday, December 01, 2011

$tate ticket$ on $ale for $tarkville game.

Click on the title or go here to order tickets for our Saturday, Jan. 14th game against m$u. It's a short drive to $tarkville from West Alabama, and the game is at 3 pm on a Saturday, so it should be an easy trip. This will be our first true road test, and I'm sure the team would appreciate having a lot of Tide fans there for support, in what will be a very hostile environment. There will be at least 6 of us in my group in Sec. 236. RTR!


Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

Don't overlook that road game at Dayton next week, that one is going be really tough. When I first saw the schedule that's one I pegged for a loss. Pull the Tide through tonight, I'll be watching and drinking from my couch.

DJC said...

I can't figure them out. They win the tournament in Orlando, beating Tubby's Minnesota team by 16, and then lose by 30, to Buffalo, at home.