Friday, January 06, 2012

Alabama season stats (to date), records of non-conference opponents, and more

Season Stats
Looking back at our stats before opening the conference schedule we see:

- 67.1 PPG
- +11.5 scoring margin
- .272 3pt FG
- 4.9 blocks
- +2.2 rebound margin

Nationally we are (as of Jan 1st- GA Tech game not included):
- #11 scoring D
- #5 3pt FG D
- #262 3pt FG percentage
- #225 fouls per game

So we know we are awesome on the defensive side and piss poor offensively. Our 2 biggest wins are over Purdue and Wichita St. Our worst loss is at Dayton.

The rest of our season stats

Record of non-conference opponents to date

Our wins

UNF: 8-8
Oakland: 8-10 (wins over UT and @ Houston)
Maryland:10-3 (win over Notre Dame in DC)
Wichita St: 11-3 (win over UNLV)
Purdue: 12-4 (wins over Temple and Miami)
Bama A&M: 2-9
VCU: 11-4
Detroit: 7-9 (win over St John's- not impressive though)
Oklahoma St: 8-6 (no wins of note)
Jacksonville: 2-12
Georgia Tech: 7-7 (win @ UGA, VCU)

Our losses
Georgetown: 13-1 (wins @ Louisville, @ Marquette. Memphis 2x. loss to Kansas)
Dayton: 11-4 (wins over Ole Miss, Wake Forest, and Minnesota, bad losses to Seton Hall and Buffalo)
Kansas St: 11-2 (win @ VA tech, losses to Kansas and WVU)

- According to we are #18. Much better than last year where I think we were hovering in the high 100s.
- In ESPN bracketology we are #8 in the South.

I actually spent a couple hours compiling all of this so enjoy... and if I goofed on a stat or record let me know and I'll triple check it.


MSmilie said...

I'd like to take this opportunity to defend Seton Hall (and also Dayton). Seton Hall is actually having a fine year so far. They've already notched quality victories over West Virginia and Uconn in conference and they also have some solid non-conference wins over VCU and an improved St. Joseph's. They also did us a favor and destroyed Auburn by like 30 points. Their only losses have been to a pretty good Northwestern team and at Syracuse.

bobbyjack said...

Seton Hall ain't bad, but I don't think they're a NCAAT team. Dayton shouldn't have lost at home to them... or gotten carjacked by Buffalo.

finebammer said...

the losses to georgetown and k st hurt.

we cannot lose a home game and expect to make the tournament. many discount the importance of the conference schedule and i'll agree it doesn't hold the importance of the ooc. but with our suspect ooc performance, they'll be looking for reasons to leave us out.

in the immediate future:

we cannot lose to georgia there.

cannot lose to lsu here

cannot lose to vandy here.

cannot lose to auburn anywhere.

ditto south carolina.

if we beat (i know, i'm dreaming) kentucky at rupp in january, will it be too early in the schedule?? will anybody remember it in march???

in our first eight conference games, we must go 7-1.

(the one loss - kentucky)

how many road games must we win?

if we beat state, carolina, arkansas, auburn on the road and florida at home, will that be enough??

much depends on having a strong on-the-court leader.

do we have that player?

there is one good thing about our ooc performance. it makes our conference games damn interesting.