Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crimsons Crush Cajuns, Continue Conquest

Trevor Lacey was the spark plug for Bama's engine again tonight, generating momentum on both ends of the floor leading to Bama's 69-53 victory of conference rival LSU.  Trevor Releford led all scorers with 20 points, but Lacy matched Tony Mitchell's team leading 10 rebounds to go along with his six points and an assist.  Other players put up bigger numbers, but Lacey hit an important shot, drew a charge and made a steal that all helped Bama add back to the 8 point lead the Bayou Bengals had whittled down from an earlief 17 points.

JaMychael  Green still looked a bit out of synch with his teammates, severak times trying to feed his partners the ball when he probably should have been taking open shots.  Mitchell provided the hi-lite play of the night on a monster dunk put-back of a missed Lacey three pointer.  Hankerson is suffering some sort of knee injury and did not dress out. Gueye dressed but did not play.  Just about everyone else on the roster made an important contribution.  Even Eblen scored a basket and should have scored another.  That might be the first time this season he's had more points than fouls.

LSU did not look like a very good team and this win might not mean much, but a loss would have been tragic.  Bama now has to try to steal a win in $tarkville and then try to find a way to break the Vandy jinx in Coleman Coliseum next Thursday. 

H'ville made it to the game and DJC was in his customary seats behind the Bama bench accompanied by his lovely girlfriend.  Hopefully he will provide some real insight into the game along with some of her personal pics.  Until then, hopefully this Box Score  will help readers who did not see the game get a better feel for how things went. 

On a personal note, I've always liked and respected LSU's football program but have disliked their basketball program ever since Dale Brown coached there.  Tonight's win might not have been as personally satisfying as Monday night's football victory for the national championship, but I would have felt more devastated if we'd lost this one than if we'd lost the football game.  It's always great to beat LSU on the hardwood.  This game was the icing on Monday night's cake.

Roll Tide!

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