Monday, January 02, 2012

Know your enemy- GA Tech Yellow Jackets

Writeup from Tech.
Notice the mistake there... we have played 2 common opponents not one.

Led by 1st year head coach Brian Gregory and the son of ex Michigan great Glen Rice (who happens to be also named Glen Rice) the Rambling Wreck are a wreck at 7-6. Their biggest win to date came in Athens, GA with their 2nd most impressive win being VCU who we beat as well earlier in the year.

Year to date

Glen Rice and Mfon Udolfa are the only ones averaging double digit scoring. Daniel Miller is their top rebounder... he'll give us problems inside.

- 65.0 PPG (58.8 PPG against)
- .456 FG
- .293 3pt FG
- +7.1 rebound margin

Prediction- I predicted earlier in the year this would be a loss and while the stats tell me we should beat them (and they do suck), I can't get out of my mind the Dayton game. The difference here is there will be a Bama presence at Phillips Arena and a gathering of Tech fans. For that reason and that reason only I'm going to waver and say we win a truly ugly game that potentially sets back basketball 30 years. Alabama by 7.

Game time is another late one... 9PM EST (8PM CST). I'll be there in the club level along with DJC and I'm guessing about 4000 other fans.

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MSmilie said...

If it's ugly, so be it. I'll take an ugly win in what would count as a road win on the team's resume.

Tech is going through a transitional year. If Alabama is truly an NCAA Tournament contender this year, this is a game they need to win. One could have made the same argument about the Dayton game, but that was a much tougher environment and Dayton shot lights out while our guys did not play particularly well. The team needs to prove it can win outside the state of Alabama.