Saturday, January 21, 2012

Know your enemy- @ Kentucky Wildcats

After being dominated by Vanderbilt, we have a quick turnaround to Lexington (the only saving grace of that state) to play the #2 team in the country. A team that is 4-0 in conference with 3 double digit wins. A team whose only loss came on a last second shot to Indiana. A team that pasted Arkansas by 23 on Tuesday. Yes, this should be interesting.

Team stats
Write up from the UK site. I like the headline- "Two Winningest teams in SEC Square Off"
Also, a preview of the game from a really good Wildcat blog.

Most basketball fans know what Kentucky is so this time I'm break down our team.

The good:
- the team plays great defense
- we have 10 guys that can play

The bad:
- the half court offense makes us wish for the days of the high post
- can't hit a 3 to save our lives
- not very good on the boards
- we still don't have a set rotation of players

Now that I got that off my chest...

The Wildcat numbers:
- .488 FG
- .363 3pt FG
- .718 FT
- 79.6 PPG (59.1 PPG D)
- +7.9 rebound margin

Prediction: Pain and lots of it. If we can keep up with Vanderbilt on our own gym (and it was pathetic how many seats were empty for that one) there's no way we remotely challenge the Cats on their home turf. Look for Anthony Davis to dominate inside, Doron Lamb to kill us from 3, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist out-wows Tony Mitchell, the 'forgotten one' Terrance Jones rebounding like crazy, and for us to get our tails handed to us early and often. Wildcats by 19.

Game time is noon (11AM CST) on CBS.

Yes, I'm really frustrated at what this team is... upside is after this game the schedule eases up. Sadly, since it's raining right now I can't destroy a nice fairway 'playing golf'.


39 Steps said...

CAG had the team ready to play. #5 is apparently having some kind of problem, but overall they played much better. It was a quality loss. Roll Tide!!

Anonymous said...

I was so depressed after Thursday night. Full of pessimism about the road game to #2 (their ranking), and concern for the Crimson Tide Women's team, who has to play also on the road at Tennessee now that our top two returning players are done (Horn and Russell)...

It's crazy this Game of Basketball.
Alabama did the opposite of our expectations and showed a capability of defeating Kentucky, but then Miss State goes to Nashville and beats Vandy ! Is that good or bad for us? We gain on Vandy, but Miss State is up one over us due to their road win.

But the SEC is crazy... even with Arkansas and Tennessee showing that they can beat a Top 10 Team, so maybe they can help bring down the upper teams of the SEC, which can put Alabama back on top.