Saturday, January 14, 2012

Know your enemy- @ Mi$$ $tate Bulldog$

Here are their stats to date. Also, here is a writeup from their perspective. Side note- is about the last place I'd think of when searching for Mi$$ $t stats. Thank Buddha for google.

$tate comes in with an impressive non-conference showing... beating Texas A&M, Arizona, and West Virginia while taking Baylor to the final shot. They did lose at home to the mighty Akron Zips though. They did struggle to beat Tennessee at home in their last game... and were whooped up on by the fighting Mike Anderson's of Arkansas.

Dee Bost and Arnett Moultrie lead the team in scoring at 16.0 and 15.9 PPG, Festively plump Renardo Sidney chimes in at 10.3/4.9. Moultrie averages 10.8 boards and is a force inside. Rodney Hood and Jalen Steele are their best 3 point shooters at .435 and .365.

Defensively, $tate is stingy allowing only 64.8 PPG and steal roughly 7 per game.

The numbers:
- 74.8 PPG
- .472 FG
- .354 3pt FG
- +3.4 rebound margin (you'd think it would be more)
- .705 FT

Prediction: It's usually a tough place for us to win at, but either by hook or crook I think we get the job done. I like what I've been seeing out of the offense lately in the Trevors... both from the perimeter and in the lane. I also think Jacobs put up a nice showing (10pt/6boards) as Alabama led by DJC (hopefully he makes it out alive) exit Starkville and immediately head East on US 82 with a 4 point road victory.

Game time is 4PM EST (3PM CST) on the SECN or ESPN3.

Side note- I'll post it over there as well, but Matt Dover at has been also doing a great job of covering Alabama hoops.

Side, side note- I've actually been pretty decent predicting final score margins this year.

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