Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Know your enemy- @ South Carolina Gamecocks

This is a really bad 'cock team we are playing in Columbia. A team that is 0-4 n conference with all of those losses being double digit ones. A team that has lost to perennial powerhouses Elon and Tennessee St. The Gamecocks are easily the worst team inthe SEC... and quite possibly the worst SEC team I've seen the past 5 years. Looking at their schedule they could potentially go 0-16... but I suspect they'll win one vs UGA (another putrid team) and maybe UTK. Darrin Horn is stealing money right now.

Write up from the Gamecock official site. Also, a link to our friends at

Malik Cooke and Bruce Ellington lead the team i scoring at 12.2 and 10.9 a game... with Ellington mostly coming off the bench. Surprisingly, SC Lite have a few decent 3 point threats in Ellington, Anthony Gill, RJ Slawson, and Eric Smith... but I guess being down big time late in games might have padded some of that. Damontre Harris is their 'big guy' bringing down 6.4/5.3 a game.

I was reading the presser... SC Lite is in their 104th year of hoops, and like their football program it's been the Rutgers of the south. They have tried to be better, but Dave Odom only could vault them to back to back NIT Championships... which while I sort of mock it is something Alabama has never won (lost 2 title games).

Gamecock season stats
Important #s:
- 63.3 PPG
- .425 FG
- .340 3pt FG
- +1.2 rebound margin
- 5.1 blocks

Prediction: Unless we come out unmotivated, tired, constipated, sick, or shorthanded this game should not be close. Green should dominate inside and Mitchell has his best chance to get back on track. Also, I expect Releford to chip in 15 points as the Tide cruises in Columbia by 12.

Game time is 8PM EST (7PM CST) on the SECN. Also available on (or whatever they're calling it now).


BamaChaos said...

This is absolutely horrid. No excuses whatsoever, no fan should be able to put up with what this team has done. We can definitely kiss our Tournament goodbye unless by some ungodly miracle comes by and we know how to shoot the basketball and stop getting into foul trouble the first minute of the game. This is just demoralizing, not the fact that we're on a 4 game losing streak, just the fact that we lost to a potential worst SEC basketball team in the last 4 years. This is dreadful, either a new attitude and strives to be better or I am riding the "fire Anthony Grant" bus. Cause after 3 years he has changed nothing from what I have seen, absolutely nothing.

alabamalib said...

Once again, 4 days after playing Kentucky, and 6 days after losing at home, Alabama manages to do the complete OPPOSITE of what is expected ! ! !

What is going on with this team? There are only 9 games left on the schedule, so where is the heart?

We let the opponent get MORE OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS than Defensive Rebounds ! And all the MINDLESS Turnovers....(in this SCarolina game).

Coach says the problem is "Selfishness". I don't know. Is the reason that JaMychal only tries 4 FG attempts in the game due to teammates not giving him the ball enough, or is he not doing anything with the ball, or is the opponent's defense preventing him to function as our top scorer ? ?

I would like to ask Coach if he feels that selfishness is the problem, then why doesn't he play more of the Unselfish players? Why doesn't he bench the selfish ones more?

I swear, I think our super-great defensive statistics are due to luck or coincidence or just playing bad teams like SC, because I sure don't see Defense when we need it (but I loved Green's 3 consecutive Blocks on the SC-victim).

I was thinking that after Ky our big Winning Streak begins through the rest of the season. With depressing pessimism, I am losing hope, now that we have arrived in the BOTTOM portion of the SEC. Seriously. Is there any possibility that Bama can get it going again?

MSmilie said...

They can get it going again, but like Anthony Grant said in his postgame comments, he has to "re-evaluate" what he and his staff are doing. I think he realizes that some of the things he wants to do as far as how the team plays are not working right now and he's going to have to make some adjustments. How that plays out in practice and the games is anybody's guess.

I honestly do not know what to expect from the team on Saturday. I felt for sure they would come out focused tonight and find a way to win the game. It just never happened tonight so who knows what happens Saturday?

Arkansas has not been a good road team to this point and they struggled to put away Auburn at home tonight, but overall they seem to be improving and if you want one of my picks for teams to come out of nowhere and snag a tourney bid (a la Penn State last season) Arkansas seems like a possibility. Something tells me Anderson will have them ready for the game on Saturday so our guys better come to play or it will be another frustrating day for us.