Monday, February 06, 2012

Buh bye Tony Mitchell- indefinetly suspended from team

The rumors turned out to be true. Can't say that this comes as a shock. Oh well, more PT for Charles Hankerson.


Nick said...

Dang. Dude has issues.

We're losing size, outside shooting and depth but perhaps it'll shake the tame up. I just worry when we run with 3-4 guard lineups. Teams collapse on Green and force the guards to shoot.

So, does indefinitely mean "for good?"

MSmilie said...

I guess it's like Green's suspension a year ago in that the coaches want to send a message and it depends how he responds. I hope Tony gets the message.

'Bamalib said...

WHAT ? ?

oh-oh !

Now is not the time for drama. Our guys need to focus and be about business ! ! ! !

Was being benched at the tip-off at the last home game not convincing enough to be about re-dedication ? ?

I suspect that if it was a hopeless matter then Tony would have been suspended for the Ole Miss Game, but Coach has hope in him.

or perhaps until now...

Daniel said...

Something tells me he won't be gone "for good". I think CAG is sending a message to him, probably at least for the next two games for sure, that he needs to get his mind right and become a team player if he wants his spot back.

If he shows he wants it, then he gets it. If not, then...we've seen the last of him in a 'Bama uniform.

It's sad. He has so much potential. If he had the maturity to match it, I honestly think we'd be a top 20 team.

bobbyjack said...

He won't be... maybe a couple of games, but he's not gone for good.

IMO for all his highlight dunks, I don't think losing him is a big deal. Truth be told, the coaching staff should have addressed this much earlier than now.