Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Know your enemy- @ Arkansas Razorbacks

We come off a thumping of the Viles while the Hogs come hobbling in after being destroyed by the Gators at home. This game is HUGE for both teams in regards to making the NCAA Tournament. It's even bigger for the Hogs, but I'd like to win this one to breathe easier. The Hogs have lost 4 of their last 5.

Season stats

Michael Sanchez was banged up and didn't play against the Gators... no word yet on if he's playing Thursday. Without him Arkansas won't be able to matchup size-wise with us... and I hope that means we feed Jacobs/Gueye/Engstrom instead of jacking up 3s.

Guys to watch from Arkansas:
- BJ Young... the only bright spot in a 30 point loss to the Gators. Can shoot the three and dribble/drive.
- Hunter Mickelson: the freshman has been getting better in the post. Look for him and Engstrom to have a monumental matchup.
- Julysses Nobles: good defender, one of the better PG in the league.
- Devonta Abron: physical presence inside. Raw, but has been showing signs of progress.

The numbers:
- 72.8 PPG
- .434 FG
- .348 3pt FG
- .689 FT
- +3.8 turnover margin

Prediction: I can't comment on what happened in the UTK game last Saturday as I did not see a minute of it, but I read that our 7 footers played well and Lacey has his best game to date. That was at home though. Our SEC road wins have been @ Auburn and UGA... two not so good teams. With no JaMychal Green I don't see how we get it done. Hogs by 8.

Game time is 7PM EST 2/23 on ESPN2 and on the internet at


Nick said...

I don't understand why Green can practice but not play?

finebammer said...

makes zero sense to me.

it would seem to me that if you're going to put your reputation on the line for this bonehead, you play him. i'll be damned if i was going to put my neck out for him, i'd want something in return, namely, results. can't get any results on the bench.

winning the road game would be better for the resume. maybe grant's listening to everyone around him and believes 'bama is a lock for the tournament.

regardless, green has never been consistent. scores 20 pts. one game, the next disappears. i've gotten so sick of hearing the excuses made for his waterhead after he's had another bad game.

at this point, i'd just like to see him get thru the rest of the season without embarrassing himself and his coach and team again.

Nick said...

Yea, I'll reiterate what I've said before, he's one of the worst "good big men" we've had in a long time.


These guys were all more consistent and obviously less selfish. They could all dominate inside. Green doesn't have the post game any of them had either.

Who knows, maybe this suspension will scare him straight and the team will be rejuvenated once he returns to the lineup. They've felt what it's like to not have him in the lineup and have survived. Maybe this will change how the team plays.