Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Know your enemy- the AUburn Tigers. AUsome

Write up from their official site on the game tomorrow. I'm not sure who writes that, but our projected starting lineup doesn't seem close to what we'll have out there. Actually, as I read more of it (typing this up while reading their preview)... this is AUful. Who has the AUdacity to write that?

This is the 145th meeting between Auburn and Alabama with the Crimson Tide holding an 88-56 advantage.
However, Auburn has won six of the last 11 games in the series while Alabama holds a slim 15-13 lead in the last 28 meet- ings.

That is an actual copy from the link above.
Note- above link opens a new page so you won't lose track here.

The Barn come into Tuscaloosa at 14-14 (4-10). They are losers of 7 of their last 9 games... but most of those were relatively close games until late in the 2nd half.

Barn stats

Frankie Sullivan and Kenny Gabirel come in averaging 12.4 and 12.2 PPG. Verez Ward (who was suspended, then reinstated) leads the team in assists and FT attempts. He sucketh bigeth time from the field (.345 FG and .256 3pt FG). Our favorite Rob Chubb is 2nd on the team in boards and is 3rd in total shot attempts... yet still only pulls down 8.4 PPG. Allen Payne and Josh Wallace contribute a little... Payne grabs 4 boards per and Wallace when tempted is decent from the field (.480).

Instead of going through their stats, I'm changing it up and listing ours:
- 19-9 (8-6) and 5-2 at home in conference
- .457 FG and .287 3pt FG. Defensively .384 and .284 from 3.
- Charles Hankerson is statistically OUR BEST 3 POINT SHOOTER at 34.1%. Our 2nd best shooter with more than 30 attempts not suspended from the team is Rodney Cooper at 31.1%. PLAY HANKERSON MORE!
-  71% FT and +2.2 rebound margin
- Defensively we give up 58.1 PPG

Prediction: It's senior night and I figure JaMychal goes off on the Barn for 20/11. Our guard play continues to improve offensively with Cooper, Randolph, and Steele beating down the Barn defense. I don't think they have a chance. Bama by 21.

Game time is 8PM EST (7PM CST) on the SEC Network.


Alias said...

Auburn sucks!


finebammer said...

it's being reported the bonehead will likely start.

i knew grant was going to do this shit. green has no business being on the damn team much less starting. this is a slap in the face to the work and effort of gueye and engstrom while bonehead was showing the team his backside in the heat of the conference and tournament race.

"When asked if he was disappointed in himself for his actions, Green said the following:

“Not really....."


Bamalib said...

Why, Finebammer?
Why don't you ever have anything logical to say regarding Jamychal Green ? (Having Logic includes evidence, facts, proof, rationality and sense)

Opinion: ..."has no business..."
Opinion: ..."a slap on the face.."
Opinion: ..."showing his backside"
Opinion: ...the interpretation of "arrogance" (Give us the link to the quotation please)


Just "emotionalism" expressed with vulgar language.

Let's be adults here. Please.

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: Take your meds, son.

The team was winning without Green so why do you insinuate that Grant caved to some kind of pressure?("I knew Grant was going was going to do this shit." sniffle, sniffle, pick nose, cry, throw objects, pass out) If - IF - Grant starts him tonight, then he obviously feels that JaMychal has done the things necessary to be a starter again. Or perhaps he's doing it because JaMychal is a senior. Whatever it is, hasn't the coaching staff done enough good things this season for you to just trust them on this?

Has Green learned anything from this? Who knows. I don't know the kid and neither do you. If he didn't learn, then he will continue to face adversity as the result of his actions. At the end of the day, Anthony Grant can be content that he did everything possible to help the kid while he was coaching him. Ultimately, it doesn't really concern you one way or another so please - please, Finebammer - find something else to occupy your time.

Thank you.

39 Steps said...

While I don't appreciate the foul language, I do appreciate free discourse. finebammer has an opinion. Others have theirs. They're different. This is The United States of America. Let's cherish the freedom to disagree.
Personally, I think Green shouldn't start unless its tradition for all seniors to start on senior day.

finebammer said...

i apologize.

i'm sorry that i don't like jamychal green. frankly, as an alabama basketball fan, i've been tired of his crap for some time. tired of the inconsistency. tired of the lack of focus. tired of the excuses when he doesn't play well. he was hurt. he was sick. blah blah blah.

i'm tired of watching a six foot nine inch forward who won't dunk the basketball, can't catch a basketball down low, and when he does luck up and catch one, he either tries to put it on the floor or turns it over.

and i'm damn sure sick of the suspensions.

you want facts, bama lib? here's a fact for you.

when you do something to get yourself suspended and your coach feels he must keep you out of games as punishment, (and you as a player know this) you put yourself and your actions ahead of the good of the TEAM.

jamychal green has done this on THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS. FACT. jamychal green has turned his back on his team on three separate occasions. there is simply no other LOGICAL way to explain this.

once as a sophomore. once as a junior. once as a damn SENIOR for christ's sake! (FACT)

guys, i believe in second chances. but if the individual continues in the same behavioral pattern that causes the same result, something different has to be done.

as a SENIOR, you are supposed to have learned from the mistakes of your early college years and not only keep your own nose clean but help lead the underclassmen on your team. (and because any of you don't believe that way or want to dispute that, i'm sorry to inform you it doesn't change the FACTUALITY OF THE STATEMENT)

and the funny thing about all this, this team GOT BETTER (there's another FACT for you bama lib. they got better and none of you can deny that) after these boneheads were removed from the situation. we all know how gueye and engstrom looked that first game. after the suspensions you could see demonstrable improvement with every game. improvements that came with playing time. that's playing time that could have been given them earlier (and yes, i know moose has been battling injury) were it not for wasting time with players who didn't have the best interest of the TEAM at heart.

and m, once again, you're wrong. i made no such implication that grant was being pressured to play bonehead. i don't have a clue what's going through his mind in this matter. i just know it's wrong.

it's wrong and it's not fair to the players on that team that are trying to do the right things, trying to benefit the team concept.

starting is not a right. it's not an "entitlement". jamychal green is not "entitled" to start. mousa gueye or carl engstrom have both earned the right to start over bonehead for one simple reason:

when the coach was deciding who would play, who would start, they were there. they had done the things it took to simply be there when a teammate(s) let the team down.(FACT)

and the answer to the reporter's question proves FACTUALLY the bonehead STILL DOESN'T GET IT.


finebammer said...


"So now that his team is back on track after potentially crippling discipline issues rocked the team, is Green disappointed in his actions?

“Not really,” he said. “I mean I was disappointed I put myself in a situation that I did. Other than that, like I said, everything happens for a reason.”


now if there's anybody here arguing on blind emotion, it's those blindly defending the coach and the bonehead in this matter.

nothing i've stated here is FACTUALLY incorrect.

now to the point that "i don't know jamychal green, no, of course i don't know him personally. but i've watched enough basketball to say i've seen this movie before. (rod grizzard for starters) if the bonehead gets lucky enough to find someone to pay him to play, it won't be on the big stage in this country.

not for long anyway.

YES I'M SORRY. i'm sorry there are not more here with enough common sense to hold a 2.2 million dollar-a-year coach and an over-rated, entitled player to the same critical standard as they hold the students and fans to.

and i'm sorry if my profanity offended any children in the audience.

bobbyjack said...

Unrelated to the comments (which are entertaining)... no Allen Payne for this game and the rest of the year. Which is essentially the next game and 1st round of the SECT.

Regarding Green... IMO his last suspension was for being in the wrong place. He probably should've gotten 1 game like Releford and Steele did.

finebammer said...

ok folks. again, i don't care what he did, after the first two suspensions, he should have known not to be "in the wrong place".

but this "in the wrong place" inference has been used too many times now.

what have you heard?

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is none of us know for sure what he was suspended for. Grant deemed it necessary to remove Mitchell from the team, even though he knew good and well it might hurt us. I'd like to think he would've done the same for JaMychal if he thought it had come to that point.

Anyways, I just hope we beat the hell out of Auburn tonight....RTR!

bobbyjack said...

Not going to put that on here, but remember 3 were suspended and driven home. 2 came back after a game. It's widely assumed that all three were 'guilty' of the same offense.

finebammer said...

green starts, 'bama's flat.

there's a shocker.

finebammer said...

i'm reminded again why green doesn't dunk. just tried it on an aubie, got put on his ass.

under four minutes left in half, we've scored 19 pts.

get a full house to see this flop.

finebammer said...

bonehead starts, 23 pts. at the half.

uninspired play. fans bored out of their skulls. saban yawns.

this team looks like the pre-suspension team.

smooth move, grant.

prediction: after trophy is presented at the half, half the crowd leaves.

finebammer said...

i think i just saw green's dad tell someone to sit down.

yeah, it was jamychal.

finebammer said...

green just causes lacey to miss a pass. can't get out of the way. turnover.

i seem to remember this concept called team chemistry.

ours right now is that of a turd in a punch bowl.

auburn is winning in our house.

i know what you're thinking, bama lib:


MSmilie said...

JaMychal makes some big plays down the stretch to help Bama win the game. Hey, Finebammer, shut the f**k up.

finebammer said...

what a PATHETIC performance. we again had a big crowd in the house and bored them silly because we can't stand (for the children in the audience, cover your eyes now) f'ing success!

how, after the play of gueye and engstrom in the past weeks do you bench them for this game??

and i'd like a damn answer from YOU, M. how do you bench gueye and engstrom after the way they've been playing?? would you do that??

and don't give me this 'i'm not the coach' pissy garbage either, boy.

this auburn team was horrible. suspensions, injuries. WE SHOULD HAVE POUNDED THEM.

but grant was willing to give this game away to either try and prove a point or play bonehead in front of momma and daddy.

either way, it sucks.

we had some momentum going. if grant pulls this stupid ass stunt at the tad pad, they'll kick our ass.

then we limp into the post-season.

stupid. just stupid.

finebammer said...

"JaMychal makes some big plays down the stretch to help Bama win the game."

yeah, he puts back a bunny rebound and hits a few free throws.

only you and his momma would call those "big" plays.

AC said...

chill out dude....we won. lose the hostility.

finebammer said...

yeah, whatever.

only a football flunky could watch that abortion and say 'we won'.

finebammer said...

"It's senior night and I figure JaMychal goes off on the Barn for 20/11. Our guard play continues to improve offensively with Cooper, Randolph, and Steele beating down the Barn defense. I don't think they have a chance. Bama by 21."

not a chance.


Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

Last time I checked the team that scores the more points is the winner. Look, we played an uninspired game. It happens. Odds increase dramatically when you play 3 straight "must win" games, win them easily and now play a crap team you beat by 18 on the road. We shot the ball terribly bad...from everywhere on the court. But we were aggressive enough on O to get to the foul line and when you are having an off night that WINS you games.

Finebammer, judging by your comments and your ridiculous last post I am 100% convinced you are pissed off Bama just won it's 20th game of the season and punched our ticket to the dance for the 1st time in 6 long years. I was hoping you were just stirring but guess not. I'm going back to reading Tider Insider just to find some level of sanity! Think about that.

finebammer said...

take the koolaid with you, skank

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: Please tell me how a 15 pt, 10 reb performance is a bad performance? 7-10 from the free throw line, only 1 turnover. Please, tell me how that is a bad performance.

You either know nothing about basketball or you just like to read your own comments and think to yourself, "Golly gee, I'm so smart. Why doesn't everyone else see how smart I am? Wait, where am I? Oh, gosh darnit, I must have mistaken the Pine Sol for my whiskey again."

Again, Finebammer, piss off with your negative commentary that is not rooted in anything resembling reality. Thank you.

finebammer said...

"Finebammer: Please tell me how a 15 pt, 10 reb performance is a bad performance? 7-10 from the free throw line, only 1 turnover. Please, tell me how that is a bad performance."

in THIRTY THREE MINUTES, he should have scored 40.

the problem you're blind to here is grant made the game about an individual to the detriment of the TEAM.

in three games, tennessee, @ arkansas, miss. st, where green played minimally if at all, WE NEVER LOOKED BETTER THIS SEASON.

there was team chemistry. last nite, against a team that didn't belong on the same court with us, we looked like sh!t.

if you can't see the difference from sat. against miss. st. and last nite, well, it's just more proof of your head up green's ass.

but you can bet on this, m. bet on it. if green plays 33 minutes in oxford, 15 piddly points ain't gonna get it.

they'll put something on us pine sol won't wash off.

bobbyjack said...

Rumor has it that team members were battling the flu. If true that explains the performance... And impresses me that we won under those circumstances.

finebammer said...

"Rumor has it that team members were battling the flu. If true that explains the performance... And impresses me that we won under those circumstances."


i probably have more respect for you as being the most objective voice here but (1.) didn't mind floating that rumor, did you?

(2.) more of the excuses i mentioned earlier.

against a better team saturday, green doesn't start and we have some semblance of a rotation with our bigs. the result: 67 points offensively.

last nite: green starts, plays 33 minutes, frankly, plays like crap for most of the game and we lose 12 points offensively.

i was watching gueye and engstrom on the bench. they seemed healthy to me.

sorry man. smoke detector in my back pocket.

bobbyjack said...

I try to keep the harmful rumors off the board. They are easy enough to find elsewhere.

I agree, we don't beat ole miss if we play like we did yesterday. And I'm of the belief our shooting last night while pretty bad is more of the norm than exception.

I also agree that gueye and engstrom should've seen the court more... and I'm consistently perplexed by grant's 'rotation' but maybe yesterday it had something to do with the bug going around?

Unrelated- Ben eblen has scored 3 points in conference play.

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: What player outside of the NBA's best score 40 points in 33 minutes? That has to be the dumbest comment of yours I've ever read and that's really saying something. What college player is tossing in 40 points in 33 minutes? There's been, what, 2 players who have scored 40 points at the college level this season. Stupid comment.

You don't know what Grant's aims were, you idiot. My god, you throw things out there that are rooted in nothing factual. It's merely an opinion which you scream as fact. It's not, you moron. Wait aminute, you really have telekinetic powers, don't you? You were able to read Caoch Grant's mind with your powers and are merely communicating back to us what he was thinking in starting JaMychal Green, right? gET A GRIP, MAN.

I got news for you. I like Moussa and Carl but they're not posting 15 pt, 10 reb numbers. They're improving and, barring illness or injury, they probably should have received more minutes last night.

JaMychal played 25 minutes in the win over Mississippi State and the team won big. Does an extra eight minutes really make that much of a difference in the overall play of a team? There were times this season we hoped JaMychal could post 33 minutes because of his foul troubles.

The difference last night is the team reverted to its poor shooting form that has unfortunately been the norm and Auburn uglied up the game. No one shot well from the field. But I'm sure that's JaMychal's fault as well. Look, Auburn is an improved team and Alabama is simply not at a place right now where they're going to pound anyone on a regular basis. It was not a pretty basketball game but they won. Enjoy the win, man. Enjoy five straight wins over Auburn. Remember, it wasn't that long ago that Jeff Lebo was owning our ass.

Again, I think it's distasteful that an adult human being aims such vitriol at a kid who has had some behavioral issues, but has never done anything especially egregious that would demand such scorn and hatred. The kid has been, more or less, a good player for the program in his four years and by all accounts is a good student and a good guy. You act like the kid is robbing liquor stores on Friday before the games. You're a sad human being, Finebammer. In a world that demands outrage every single day, you certainly have picked one of the lesser targets for it.