Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Know your enemy- Florida Gators

As reported below, Andrew Steele and Trevor Releford are back for tonight's must win game against the struggling jorts of Gainesville so I have more hope than I did 2 days ago. Still, we're short on size which could pose some issues.

Pregame notes and a preview from gatorzone. I did not realize we have lost 5 straight regular season games to the Gators

Season stats

Florida is coming in shorthanded as well...Will Yeguete is doubtful for the game (last I read) after taking a nasty fall into the goal vs Tennessee. He's one of their leading rebounders. Mike Rosario has a hip pointer and at last check is out for tonight's game as well.

Obviously the Gators are coming in less shorthanded than we do... they can replace the points and boards... we're going to have a hard time doing the same with Green and Mitchell out so I suspect the guards are going to dictate the pace of this game.

The Gators bring a balanced attack into Coleman Coliseum... with 5 players averaging double digits led by Kenny Boynton. Him and Erik Murphy are shooting better than 40% from 3 so we'll really need our guard to step out and get a hand in their face. Erving Walker and Trevor Releford should be a great match up at the point... I'm curious to see what the pace of this game turns out to be. Bradley Beal and Patric Walker round out the double digit scorers. I worry about who's going to take Walker on the defensive side... Gueye is a step slow, Jacobs doesn't seem to fight for position good enough and Engstrom... well he tries hard and probably does the best with positioning, but outside of keeping his hands up he's overmatched against an interior player with a dropstep/spin.

The numbers:
- 78.8 PPG
- .394 3pt FG
- 10.3 3pt FG/game
- 65.9 PPG defensively

Prediction: Since I've been wrong on the last 2 I'm going to hope I'm wrong again... I just don't see how we can contain Walker inside AND keep Boynton and Murphy from making us pay from downtown. Yes, the Gators come in on a 2 game slide and yes we get some players back, but when you look at the talent it's advantage UF. If we were a good perimeter shooting team I'd discount the previous sentence, but that's not the case. Gators by 11.

Game time is 7PM EST (6PM CST) on ESPN.


Nick said...

After watching this game tonight all I can say is thanks a lot Green and Mitchell. Poor guys out there played their asses off.

Also, Gueye and Engstrom are pretty terrible. Jacobs is not much better.

finebammer said...

better be careful, nick. you were dangerously close to slamming jamychal green there!

he's highly thought of around here suddenly.

nevermind he as a SENIOR, let his team down again in the middle of what EVERYONE that writes on this blog said was the most important part of the schedule this season....trying to get in the dance for the first time in six years.


(hey m, i the real world, the don't suspend you, they fire you. i know. i've fired blockheads and i've been the blockhead fired too)

but don't go there with sweet baby jammy.

someone here might get their feelings hurt.

but hey, let rip on the crowd. wasn't that a shitty tuesday nite crowd tonite???


MSmilie said...

DumbBammer: We're talking about a college basketball player, not an employee, you moron. The wonderful thing about being young and in college is that you're not in the real world yet. That's why so many people advise these kids to enjoy it while they can because sooner or later they will have to join the real world and deal with worms such as yourself. Sleazy little weasels like you who are energy-sapping dolts of the highest order. Why anyone would want to rush headlong into that is beyond me.

JaMychal is ripe for criticism for making a poor decision and letting his team down, but you, a grown man, were calling for this kid to be kicked off the team when you have no idea what the guy did to be suspended. I assure you, if it was a terrible offense, he would have been dismissed. Grant doesn't seem to be fooling around with these guys.

The crowd did stink tonight, but I'm a bit sympathetic to that seeing as it was Valentines, a 6 PM tip-off, the suspensions have alienated some folks and the team was never able to generate much excitement. You got the feeling those in attendance were painfully aware we couldn't match up due to the suspensions and it was merely a matter of time before Florida went on a run.

Anonymous said...

Supporting the team means supporting Coach Grant's decision. He is a class act that we need,

finebammer said...

"but you, a grown man, were calling for this kid to be kicked off the team when you have no idea what the guy did to be suspended."

yeah m, i'm the problem here. whatever.

buck johnson
derrick mckey
mule king
melvin cheatum
gerald wallace
robert horry
antonio mcdeiss
mo williams

i could understand the leniency if green had half the talent of any of these past alabama players.

little story about derrick mckey. after being ruled ineligible and the ncaa forced the athletic dept. to pay back some $200,000 dollars they won in mckey's last season in the tournament, mckey took it upon himself to come back and pay the basketball program the money back in full.

he didn't have to do that. but he did.

contrast that to a player who couldn't carry his jock on the court letting his team down for a THIRD time in the heat of a run to the NCAA tournament.

jamychal green is a third rate talent who wouldn't be allowed to dust the benches at legitimate programs like duke, unc, indiana, kansas and the like.

and after three suspensions, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT HE DID, YOU DOLT.

he is a proven bonehead who can't comprehend the opportunity he has, the value of his scholarship, his position on this team in his senior season, the leadership the underclassmen on this team are looking to him for, the circumstances of their program.

he can't see any of that, after two prior offenses, he had to do whatever dumbass stunt he did that, apparently, was serious enough for grant to suspend again him at this critical time in the season.

he doesn't have the gray matter between his ears to get it and apparently, nor you.

like it or not m, you're just wrong on this one.

along with the bonehead you defend blindly.