Friday, February 10, 2012

Know your enemy- @ LSU Tigers

After what I believe to be our best game of the year on the plains, we get a few days off to savor it before heading to Red Stick to take on the Bengal Tigers. LSU comes in at 13-10 and 3-6 in the conference. They are 3-1 at home in conference play... with that loss coming to Kentucky by 24.

Link to LSU write up. Here's a link to a preview of our first game with them. Notice they have won 2 games since that last meeting.

Year to date stats

LSU has got a lot of size, but like us can't throw the ball in the ocean from the beach. Justin Hamilton leads the team with 13.4 PPG and 7.8 boards. Ralston Turner is the only decent 3 point shooter they have (at a mediocre 36.6%). They have no identity on offense, but play pretty sound defense (sounds familiar?).

The numbers:
- .406 FG
- .323 3pt FG
- .703 FT
- +.5 rebound margin (surprised it's that low)
- 66.3 PPG

Prediction: The real question is will we see the Alabama team that spanked Auburn, UGA, and scared Kentucky or the one that laid an egg at SC lite and Dayton? Like DJC said, our last game could be a 'energy bump' from the Mitchell suspension so I worry a bit about this one. Let's hope LSU is playing out the season and we recognize that this game is huge (as are all of them the rest of the year). I'm going to be positive and say we get another great effort from the bench and Green dominates inside. Alabama by 9.

Game time is 7PM EST (6PM CST) on the Deuce (ESPN2)

Side note- If Hankerson and Cooper become our zone busters this team goes to an entirely different level... and I'm not just talking about just making the NCAAT.


MSmilie said...

Another tough one. While neither team has been a good shooting team, LSU does have a lot of size. The absence of Tony Mitchell's rebounding ability was not missed in the Auburn game, but it certainly could be a factor in this game.

Hopefully Releford and JaMychal play at the same high level they did at Auburn but, due to LSU's size advantage, Nick Jacobs must also play well. I would imagine we'll see more than a little of The Swede and Moussa if he's able to go in order to counter LSU's size.

Unless you're Kentucky, winning consecutive conference games on the road has been a chore. Still, this is a winnable game for Alabama. Hopefully they can get it done.

Nick said...

I think Lacey can be a zone buster. He's got a beautiful shot, it just hasn't been falling yet.


why the next two games are huge:


eyeballs are on these games.

eyeballs that make decisions about invitations.

we need to start looking like a basketball team and win this game. we have a better coach and better players than lsu.