Saturday, February 25, 2012

Know your enemy- Mi$$i$$ippi $tate Bulldog$

The dollar signs crack me up... can't. let. go. of that.

Anyways, a struggling Bulldog$ squad comes in to Tuscaloosa... losers of 4 in a row... and watching their once secure NCAA Tournament invitation slip out the back door.Us, on the other hand, are winners of 2 in a row including a big win in Fayetteville on Thursday. The one thing that concerns me is $tate has been off since Tuesday night... we essentially had the day off yesterday.

Team stats
Writeup from hail$

$tate played the mighty Kentucky Wildcats tough... for a half. Then folded like a cheap suit (why does a cheap suit fold faster than say... a semi-expensive one) like they have been the last 4 games. Arnett Moultrie and Dee Bost lead the offense at 16.4 and 16.0 PPG. Rodney Hood and Renardo Sydney also average double digits. Moultrie and Sydney (when motivated or not hungry) are a force inside, so getting JaMychal back for the game tonight is huge for us as we can throw 4 big bodies at them. Bost, despite throwing down 16 PPG is really having a crappy year shooting... at under 40% from the field.I'm almost inclined to let him heave it up. Moultrie also leads the team in boards... and up until this $tate losing streak he was probably the frontrunner for SEC POY. Now, I think it's wide open.

From beyond the arc we need to watch Hood (if he plays which is doubtful), Jalen Steele, and keep an eye on Sydney as he's hitting at a 38% clip. In their last four games they're averaging 63.5 PPG. I suspect that's about what they'll put up today.

The numbers:
- .458 FG
- .363 3pt FG
- .698 FT
- +3.1 rebound margin
- 3.6 blocks per game (lower than I thought it would be)

Prediction: 2 teams playing for the NCAA Tournament... one team feels good about their standing and the other needs desperately to win to keep their spot. I'm going with the team that's comfortable as Releford, Hankerson, and Cooper lead the barrage outside with Green and Jacobs taking care of business in the post. Bama by 7.

Game time is 6PM EST (5PM CST) on ESPN. I had thoughts about driving down and buying a ticket, but it seems like it's going to be a hard sellout.


Finebammer said...

Ahhh, I know and partake in the bulldog hatred but I also watched the state/uk game. They hung in longer than a half and folding like a cheap suit isn't the way calipari it after the game. He was lucky to get out of there with a win and he knew it. It boiled down to Sydney getting in foul trouble and Davis not. This is the same team that beat a vandy team at home that pounded us in our gym.

This will be a tough game.

You all know my feelings about green. I'm concerned about injecting him in this situation.

Regardless, we owe them one. Wouldn't it be great if we were at least partially responsible for knocking them out of the tourney.

Nick said...

Bama Blasts Bubble Bursted Bulldogs

Calling it now lol