Monday, February 20, 2012

NCAA projections, SEC Power Poll, etc, week of 2/20/12

ESPN Bracketology has us in as a 10 seed right now.
CBS also has us as a 10.
Sporting News agrees with 10 seed... but I'm unsure if this has been updated as they say it has been being the writing about Alabama talks about a 2 game road trip to Auburn and LSU.
Collegehoopsnet has us as a 9, but trending down.

Note- all above links open in new window so don't be skeered!

SEC Power Poll.


Nick said...

Finebaum is reporting that Green is back and Mitchell is done for the season.

We've missed Green more than Mitchell anyways. I wonder if Mitchell will be back next year.

bobbyjack said...

Was typing that as I was this... Doubt we ever see TM again here.