Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The New Rumor Of The Week

I did not notice, but several people have told me that the hi-lites video shown before last night's game had been purged of any Tony Mitchell images.  Did anyone else pay enough attention to notice whether that was the case?  And if it was, what does that say about Tony Mitchell's future at Alabama?  The rumors might all have turned out to be false, but I still can hear someone say "I buried Paul" when I listen to The Eggman on my Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club CD!


MSmilie said...

It's "cranberry sauce".

finebammer said...

something of note from the game:

Nick said...

That picture was the #1 post on Reddit today, which is a big deal.

It's actually the 2nd time a picture of this kid was posted on there and blew up.

bamalib said...

As long as the Official Roster for Alabama Men's Basketball at Roll Tide is available, I wouldn't have any faith in the rumors about the highlight videos relating to any permanent dismissals.

The Roll Tide Website seems up-to-date and maintained regularly, and all the familiar names of players on the Alabama team remain listed.

But it puzzles me that Blackledge appeared in a few games during the pre-conference, then all a sudden he was replaced by someone named Goode, who appeared in one game at the beginning of the year... and now guess what. Blackledge and Goode are gone, and are now replaced by DAKOTA SLAUGHTER, a freshman 6' 6" forward.

I just don't understand all that.

39 Steps said...

Everyone needs to wake up. Green and Mitchell might or might not play again for the Tide. Regardless, the team that was on the floor for Florida IS OUR TEAM FOR NEXT YEAR. Coach 'em up Coach!!

Does Princeton need Chemistry? You fall back on Chemistry when you don't have an organized plan. Plan your work and work your plan. Then it's not chemistry, it's performance.

I'm not saying run the Princeton Offense. I am saying that when you take away Chemistry, this team is left with nothing.

The University of Alabama deserves better.

MSmilie said...

Tony tweeted last night that he will be back.

bamalib said...

The best "planning" and the best "chemistry" still depend heavily on game Experience and personal Maturity.

Anonymous said...

@bamalib said, ... One thing is for sure, ...if you want to build a team, foster team spirit, and empower your players to perform as a unit, instead of individual entities, then you have to lead by example. You don't reward walk ons for their diligence, commitment, and perserverence to a team by promoting them to the roster and yanking them off for no valid reason! If you have kids that are willing to attend every practice and do everything they are asked to do but get yanked from the roster for no valid reason, ... what kind of program are you running?

DJC said...

I would really like to know the story behind Keon, Goode, and now Slaughter?

That being said, "Dakota Slaughter" might be the coolest name we've ever had on the basketball roster.

bobbyjack said...

I believe they are shapeshifters.

Anonymous said...

what's a shapeshifter?

Nick said...

What about the possibility of Mitchell coming back next year? Say he finishes the season in coach's good graces. He's fallen to the point of not being drafted. He'd be smart to stick around.

Also, who's playing center next year for us? Jacobs? :(

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you guys know if the G.P.A.'s of walk ons that are on the roster factor into the overall team G.P.A.?

bamalib said...

"yanking them off the team ? ? " (quoting, Anonymous)

Is this an assumption, or is this verifiable and factual ?

I have noticed how much we sure do like to assume a lot here ! (I assume things too, but I never speculated about the reason for the roster chances, but I sure am curious.

Bamalib said...

Whaaaat ?

Tonight, February 16, 2012 may be a Historical Night for Alabama Basketball !

This is a guess, but I am speculating that tonight may be the first time in school history that our women's Crimson Tide basketball team beats the SEC Conference's top-ranked leader in the standings, upon our thrilling Victory over #7-nationally-ranked and SEC-First-Place Kentucky by a score of 77-75 !

Despite their own roster-depletions, and playing only 7 players with significant playing time, Bama scores 50 points by halftime, and shoots over 50% for the game against Ky.

AWESOME ! Congratulations, Bama !

Men's team, take head! This season, it is our LADIES team that plays hard enough and beats a ranked opponent, and conquers a Top Ten team.

Hopefully a great crowd will be seen on TV supporting our Crimson Tide in their next game at Foster Auditorium (against another ranked team, USC, #25?) on Sunday, as well as supporting our men's team on Saturday early afternoon at Coleman Coliseum.


bobbyjack said...

Shapeshifter- one who can take on many forms... In X-Men there is a character that does that. Our shapeshifter has covered 3 players so far.

finebammer said...

in a comment about the success of the women's basketball team with a depleted roster against a ranked foe, bama lib exhorts the men to:

"Men's team, take head!"

i curious bl, what beatles record did you play backwards to get that!

Anonymous said...

@bamalib -- ""yanking them off the team ? ? " (quoting, Anonymous)

Is this an assumption, or is this verifiable and factual ?

R U speculating that I am speculating? :) Trust me! I am not speculating! One change was legitimate -- One change was warranted -- the other change was "SMH"!

BamaLib said...

I love the sense of humor ! !

Yes, earlier the intention was to say, "MEN, TAKE HEED", (not take head..whoops, sorry for the confusion about more violations of team rules).

And yes, Anonymous, I am speculating that you are speculating about me speculating about your information or beliefs. But I can't simply "trust" you or anyone here. Isn't it true that anyone who writes anonymously, even with a nickname such as my own, can make any possible claim and write anything at a blog? ? PLEASE specifically explain each change in the walk-on spot, if you truly know, and how it is that you know about what's going on with that. Thank you.

(roll tide)

Anonymous said...

@BamaLib -- I hear ya about questioning the validity and authenticity of claims posted by aliases and unknown authors on this and any other blog. Inherent in the very word, "BLOG" is the nature of the beast. I was told my information in confidence and am not at liberty to elaborate. I guess you will just have to keep thinking that I am speculating :)

finebammer said...

i read somewhere in a earlier post about the reluctance the propagate rumors but look at the response when even the most benign rumor is posted!