Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pachyderms Pound Pigs Take Rare Win In Bud Walton

Playing without former starter Tony Mitchell and suspended starter Jamychael Green, Bama lost recent starter Trevor Lacey after scoring 8 points in six minutes to what looked like a rather severe ankle injury.  Bama came out shooting cold and Arkansas, led by B.J. Young's four three point shots, took an early 12 point lead.  The Tide clawed its way back into the game with balanced scoring and frustrating defense.  Engstrom could not buy a basket but was a defensive presence underneath the basket.  Nick Jacobs added 14 points and took a valuable charge after the Hogs had roared back to cut the Tide's lead to five points.  Releford and Steele scored in double figures while Rodney Cooper lead all Bama scorers with 17 points. 

Alabama's defense stiffened after the first 8 or 10 minutes and held Arkasas scoreless outside the three point arc the entire second half.  Bama enjoyed a 30-6 run over the end of the first half and into the second half before the Hogs finally broke their scoring drought.  Bama also shot well from the free throw line until the outcome no longer was in question.

Levi Randolph missed way too many chip shots, but his defensive effort was smothering.  He also had one of the few hi-lites of the game when he took out the former Arkansas ESPN announcer while chasing a ball out of bounds at mid court.

What I liked most was the offensive energy the team showed tonight along with its shooting six out of eight from the three point line in the first half.  Arkansas admittedly is not a very good team, bu the Tide squad seems to be jelling at a very important time in their schedule.  Only time will tell whether Green's reinsertion into the lineup will disrupt the energy and chemistry that has developed recently.

Here is your standard box score.  I suppose DJC was at the game.  Hopefully he or MSimlie will give us a real report before too much longer.

Bama seeks revenge against M$U in Coleman Coliseum.  All public tickets have been sold.  Hopefully the students will show up to support their team.  Let's also hope Lacey will be well enough to play. 


DJC said...

I wasn't able to make it up there for a midweek game. I actually alternated between watching this on my phone on a 3 inch screen, and a very poor quality standard definition monitor at a bowling alley.

Hopefully Lacey's injury is not too serious, but it sure looked bad. Beating a top 100 team on the road is huge, and let's not forget, Arkansas was unbeated with some very impressive wins in Bud Walton arena before their loss to Florida last weekend.

This was a good matchup for us. Arkansas is not comfortable playing a lot of zone, so once again, we didn't see too much of it. Very proud of the poise our guys showed after falling behind early. It was also good to break the losing streak of games that Mike Stuart called, and amazingly it was Mike Anderson rather than Grant who picked up a T tonight.

Rodney Cooper clearly has a knack for stepping up on the road when we desperately need him. I thought Releford had a great night as well.

My only concern at halftime was that we seemed to being play their style and pace of game, but the defense settled down in the 2nd half. When we had the lead despite their shooting something like 70% from 3 point range, I felt pretty good about it, knowing that would not continue.

This win puts us in great position, and takes some of the pressure off of the $tate game Saturday. That's not to say I don't want to beat $tate, badly, for more reasons than I have time to list right now.

finebammer said...

“I think sometimes when adversity takes place, most good teams still trust one another,”

Coach Grant??


Coach Anderson. yet it says a lot about what’s going on with our team.

after losing our two “best” players, after losing two games in a row afterwards, after getting down 12, after losing trevor lacy…….

we win a h3ll of a tough road game in fayetteville, arkansas.

the headache: tony mitchell and jamychal green.

the cure: the alabama team you saw on the floor last night.

call them the big pill.

finebammer said...

"I actually alternated between watching this on my phone on a 3 inch screen, and a very poor quality standard definition monitor at a bowling alley."


Alias said...

I was attending a meeting and did not get home until the first half was over. Fortunately for idiots like me someone has created the DVR device.

I was really impressed with the effort and hustle last night. Engstrom and Guyae both seem to have stones for hands and no one seems confident feeding the ball to them. Other than that, I think the group on the floor last night is benefiting from getting to play and practice together. It's also nice to see some of the freshmen beginning to play up to their potential at times.

Trevor Lacey, please heal quickly. We really need you Saturday.

Nick said...

That was one of the most exciting and well played Alabama basketball games I've seen in a long time. And it's so much more impressive because they did it in a hostile environment without their two best players.

This team has proven that they can play well and win in the most adverse conditions. The freshman have come a long way in a short period of time. Randolph plays hard as hell and I like the decisions Cooper makes. They both do well when they attack the rim.

I hope Lacey is okay because he's really finding his stroke. He put an absolutely filthy move on a guy and then buried a 3.

The bigs right now are turnover machines but they've done as much as they've been asked to do and they're all so raw. Jacobs will be a stud with time and I think Engstrom and Moussa will become much more serviceable next year.

Releford was outstanding last night, as was Steele. Steele has an uncanny ability to drive to the rim and create contact. He knows how to get to the line (airball, wtf?).

Will Green's addition help or hurt the team? I think it'll help tremendously. It'll add a little more depth and keep everyone that much more fresh. Now we won't always have to play with 4 guards on the floor.

Loved the relentlessness of the team on both ends of the floor. If we can take 2 out of our last 3 we're a safe bet for the dance.

Side note: Even though I live in Michigan I will be in New Orleans on Spring Break for a service trip and might be able to catch the first night of games. I'm excited as I've never been to NOLA and have never seen any SEC basketball.

Roll Tide!

39 Steps said...

They played like a well coached team for the most part. RT!!