Monday, February 13, 2012

Steele and Releford are Back

Andrew Steele and Trevor Releford will be back for the Florida game tomorrow night.  Tony Mitchell and JaMychal Green remain suspended.


UAdan said...

I am now confident that we CAN beat the Gators, and make the Dance after all.

This is great news. We are still crippled in terms of size, but our guard play will be at full strength.

MSmilie said...

I'm glad to have those two back. Hopefully the point has been made. However, unless the suspensions involving Green and Mitchell are resolved, this team is going to be hard-pressed to win another game this season. Love 'em or hate 'em, those are the two best players on the team.

To be honest, I'm not even sure having the other two guys back is going to make much difference at this point. This team seems fractured right now and unable to develop any consistency. At this point I'm more concerned with what steps are being taken to strengthen this team for the future than I am about this team's ability to become a one-and-done participant in the tournament. The events of the last week have been incredibly frustrating and no matter who returns, it doesn't erase the fact that key members of this team were selfish at a time when they needed to be leaders.

As far as the game goes tomorrow, I felt our guys would have a tough task at full strength and even with Florida looking pitiful in their last two games, I still think tomorrow will be an uphill battle.

We may be able to match up better on the perimeter, but with Mitchell and Green out, we have no one who can match up with the size or athleticism of Beal, Murphy and Young. Not to mention our best two guards have not practiced leading up to this game and now have to match up with two of the best in Boynton and Walker. Hopefully Florida will continue to struggle shooting the ball, we can make it an ugly game and maybe squeak out a win.

finebammer said...

i'd like someone to explain to me how that video is relevant to this situation.

i think it's obvious releford and steele are going to play tomorrow.


mitchell is going to be allowed back at some point.


that green isn't gone is an outrage frankly.

what does green have to do to get kicked off this team, murder somebody???

does ted bundy have any eligibility??

DJC said...

Finebammer, it's a scene from the movie Hoosiers. Hickory was short handed, and a player had just fouled out, and the only player remaining had already been benched by the Coach. When he got up to go into the game, Coach told him to sit back down. The ref says, "you need one more coach." Coach responds, "My team is on the floor."

Sending a message was more important than winning that particular game at that moment, so he went with 4 players. Obviously, we aren't going to play with 4 players anytime soon, but I was drawing the analogy of a coach sitting a player (Green and Mitchell) when it can clearly hurt the team's chances of winning.

But moreso, I just wanted to post a Hoosiers clip. It would have been more applicable before the LSU game, but I was on the road at that time.

UAdan said...

Florida will be without their two primary subs off the bench for tomorrow night's game.

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: You don't have any clue what Green did to be suspended this time so can you please get off your goddamn high horse about how a coach needs to turn his back on a kid who has committed no egregious sin since he's been in Tuscaloosa.

JaMychal's biggest problem as I see it is he's an incredibly immature guy at times who is unable to hold his emotions in check (the same could be said for Tony). I'm sure at 22 you were a morally upstanding citizen who never talked back to an authority figure or did something normally seen as stupid and irresponsible, right?

If JaMychal begins to commit assault or armed robbery or steal someone's laptop, I'll jump on your bandwagon. Until then, please save your outrage for something that matters. We're all frustrated as fans by the suspensions, but I'm not going to call for a kid's head until I have a little more information at my disposal.

Bamalib said...

I agree with MSmilie on that !

How quick we all are to assume the worst, feel betrayed by the players, and leap to conclusions, blame the coaches for the situation, and wail in judgmental attitudes ! and BASED ON WHAT FACTS ! ?

Yes, it's human to feel frustration about not knowing. I myself confess this: I can't stand it (not knowing). We all fear the worst. Coach Grant's word choices in his statements made us feel alarmed. I was asking myself what happened, and was coming up with all sorts of crazy possibilities that I won't mention for the shame of it.

But it shocked me to hear the call that Coach Grant should have handled this 3 years ago ! Handled what ? Have we lost our minds ? Imagine if your daddy told you, "I'm going to discipline you tonight for something that you will probably do 3 years from now, although I'm not quite sure what you will do, but I'm going to handle the situation now...." Who is it that knows what Lacy, Randolph, Cooper, and Jacobs will do in 3 years?

Even on the radio, I was hearing so-called sports-experts making fools of themselves for speaking as if they had the information of what the infractions are, and making it sound like it was a deliberate, ego-derived attack against the team or university. I'm guilty also of participating in the musing. The only truth that we know is that WE ARE CLUELESS.

I worry how this publicity, especially with ESPN having the opportunity to dwell on it, will affect our Recruiting:

It hurts - because noone would want to play with volatile boneheaded teammates, should the Recruits develop a perception of our team in this way.

It helps - because Coach Grant is displaying a true sincerity in standing up for Integrity, Character, Honor, and Class, and cares about his players making good decisions in Life.


MSmilie said...

And one more thing, Finebammer: Who cares about the context, it's fricken Hoosiers! One of the best films of all time!

finebammer said...

" I'm sure at 22 you were a morally upstanding citizen who never talked back to an authority figure or did something normally seen as stupid and irresponsible, right?"

yep, and i wasn't on scholarship either.

again, what would green have to do to get kicked off this team???

3 suspensions. hell jamychal, go for four!

finebammer said...

and since you guys are so goddamn forgiving, let's cut the crowd so slack from now on.

every time they've shown up this season, this team has laid a big fat egg for them.

again the case tonite.

16 - 0 run out of the break.

mitchell must have gave the halftime speech.

Bamalib said...

a gross exaggeration

(and you know it)