Monday, February 13, 2012

The worst 10 basketball teams this year

Just to distract us from 1/3 of the team being suspended....

Binghamton is 0-24 in the ultra competitive America East
Kennesaw St is 3-23 (0-14) in the Atlantic Sun
UC Davis is 2-22 (1-11) in the Big West
Towson is 1-26 (1-14) in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA)
Chicago St is 3-22 (1-6) in Great West. I was not aware of a Great West conference until today.
Dartmouth is 4-20 (0-8) in the Ivy League
Fairleigh Dickinson and Bryant University are battling it out for last in the Northeast at 1-13 each (2-23 and 2-24 respectively)
Tennessee Martin is 3-24 (0-14) in the Ohio Valley.
Louisiana Monroe is  2-23 (1-11) in the Sun Belt.

There are more bad teams... some worse than what I listed, but I'll keep it at 10 for now. Actually, the original title was worst 5, but upon looking there is no way to limit that.

See... we don't have it so bad.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget:

our won Alabama women's basketball team is suffering a forgettable season with the loss of multiple key players, including our senior leading scorer & three-point specialist Ericka Russell, the in-the-paint-Dominator sophomore Kaneisha Horn, and the shot-blocking Alicia Mitcham, who was to be a senior this year.

I hope there will be better days coming for our team, as we almost beat LSU on TV recently. ROLL TIDE !

(Are the Alabama softball and gymnastics teams Number #1 yet ? )