Tuesday, March 06, 2012

ALL SEC Team announced and Early Season Tournament info

Congratulations to JaMychal Green and Trevor Releford for making 2nd team all SEC.  We were not represented on the 1st team, all freshman team, or all defensive team.  Full story here.

We will be playing in the 2012 2k Sports Classic benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.  This is a 12 team event, and we will be one of the hosts, along with Villanova, Purdue, and Oregon State.  The winners advance to the championship rounds at Madison Square Garden in New York, Nov. 15-16.


bobbyjack said...

Looks like I'm spending that week in NYC. Sweet.

MSmilie said...

Obviously the SEC coaches and media do not share Finebammer's opinion regarding JaMychal Green. What. A. Shocker.

Cool news about the 2K Sports Classic. Obviously, the fates have elected us to play or be in line to play Purdue for the foreseeable future.

We don't know yet who the other teams will be that Alabama plays as the host school, but I have to say that's a winnable event for the team next season provided they don't suffer too much attrition between now and then. Those other three teams will probably be solid, but hardly world-beaters.

The only fear is that if Purdue dips and Nova doesn't return to form, it might not do much for the SOS.

finebammer said...

"Obviously the SEC coaches and media do not share Finebammer's opinion regarding JaMychal Green. What. A. Shocker."




in dec. of '06, when all the doctors and coaches and media were singing in unison that ron steele's knee issues were due to tendonitis and the cure was to play and play and play, ole finebammer here had the temerity to question the conventional wisdom.

before the start of the sec schedule in '07 it was obvious to me steele had serious issues that game to game seemed to be getting worse. yet media and others ripped me (sounding a lot like you, m) for questioning the "experts" around steele.

i remember a game at tennessee where steele started and from the beginning was clearly limping and in pain and had to TAKE HIMSELF OUT OF THE GAME.

i continued to call talk shows and post on the internet that something was clearly wrong and the doctors and a willing mark gottfried were sacrificing steele's future to try a save gottfried's sorry butt.

members of the media including but not limited to paul finebaum, kevin scarbinsky, mark mccarter ripped me for even hinting that someone down there might not be doing everything with steele's health and best interest at heart.

it wasn't until late in the season that steele's parents stepped in and put a stop to the insanity i had been pointing out for three months.

it was too late, m. gottfried had literally run ron steele into the ground.

three arthroscopic surgeries later we found out through process of elimination tendonitis wasn't the problem and the cure prescribed by doctors as esteemed as james andrews and eagerly administered by a coach as incompetent as mark gottfried cost ronald steele a lottery pick career in the nba.

so, m, being out of line with the mainstream sports media around here who for the most part are to worried about the next interview to do any actual objective reporting, is a familiar (and very comfortable) position for me.

i love alabama athletics but i'm not in the habit of sticking my head up anyone's ass.

and i'll kiss your ass for ever coach that you can prove to me that actually sits down and fills out these ballots for himself.

jamychal green wouldn't be allowed to mop the floors in the big east. he's clearly overrated and i don't know how many times you have to see an auburn freshman slap his weak dunk attempt with such authority it put green's 6' - 9" butt on the coleman home court hardwood to believe it.

if i were terrence jones, i'd get a lawyer.

Lol said...

Too bad the Big East isn't any good this year...