Friday, March 23, 2012

Bama Basketball Grading- Anthony Grant

I'll sporadically put these up the next month or so. This post... starting with the man in charge.

- Made the NCAA Tournament.. after 6 long years.
- 3 SEC road wins. That's 7 in the last 2 years.
- Won the San Juan Shootout. Much better than going O fer in St Thomas
- Had the guts to suspend players during a crucial time and it paid off. I didn't like, but  it worked out okay.

- In game coaching... the last 30 seconds of the Creighton game was not an anomaly. We have posted about stuff like this for 3 years now.
- Half court offense- it seems like everyone is afraid to shoot except Green and sometimes Lacey and Hankerson. If we ain't runnin' we ain't scorin'
- Use of timeouts... DJC has pointed this out in previous posts better than I have... and it bothers me.

Overall Grade: C+

After starting off strong (albeit against weak competition), we lost a heart-breaker to Georgetown, followed by getting curb-stomped by Dayton. Losing to the Hoyas isn't horrible, but it was on our home court and IMO should've been a win. In the grand scheme of the season we beat ONE ranked team (Wichita State) and outside of the San Juan Shootout didn't exactly light it up in our non-conference slate.

The four game losing streak that started off @ $tate in of itself wasn't as bad as it seemed... except for the South Carolina loss. Again, losing to Vanderbilt isn't unexpected, but it was a home game and we were beaten down in it... at full strength no less. We were also throttled by the Gators in the 2nd half of our game against them in the regular season.

Let me stress that I really like our defensive intensity. Usually offense can fail from time to time, but defensive effort can be there all the time. Problem is the offense is rarely in sync.

At the end of year 3 I have questions if Anthony Grant is the man to get us to the level many of us Bama hoops enthusiasts hope for. We definitely play better defense, but our offense is even worse than what Gottfried had (and I was a vocal critic of his 5+ minute scoring droughts a game). I'm also concerned that at the end of year 3 we still don't have a legitimate outside threat and with JaMychal Green moving on... no real inside presence outside of Nick Jacobs (who's hook shot I like, but hate his defensive play).

One thing I lack confidence in is close games... if we are down in the closing minutes I have little faith in us pulling it out.

I get that in year 3 we made the NCAA tournament, but let's be honest... this team was not as good as last year's squad. I assume we'll make the tournament next season too, but will we consistently be one of those unranked teams that gets the 8-12 seed or will we take the next step and push on through to a 3-6 seed? At this time I'm not confident in the latter.

NO THIS IS NOT A GRANT SHOULD BE FAHRED POST...just real thoughts and where I see the program right now. As long as he keeps making the tournament and doesn't embarrass the program (which for sure I know he won't do) he'll be here as long as he wants to.

Also, note that my view doesn't reflect the 4 others that post on here.


finebammer said...

tournament observations:

anybody see the late inbounds play by kansas against state and think about all the times you saw gottfried's alabama teams give up one of those???

and the 'how proud he was' in the post game interview. i got issues with grant but one i don't have is he's NOT gottfried. i'm so "proud" he's their coach and not our problem anymore.

and what about the choke job by florida. i thought that was a VERY poorly coached final minutes by donovan.

concerning grant: again, i say he's a project. i agree and it's sad but true as long as he makes the dance with some regularity and the program pays for itself he'll be safe.

i wonder if he wouldn't be helped with an older, experienced assistant?

plus, the dude needs to loosen up a bit.

Nick said...

To be fair, I think Gottfried had a lot more talent year in and year out than Grant has had thus far.

Gottfried always had studs inside and guys who could shoot from outside. We know Grant can both coach and recruit, just give the man time.

finebammer said...

"We know Grant can both coach and recruit,....."

recruit, maybe.

coach? on par with calipari and donovan? you must "know" something i don't.

"just give the man time."

two million dollars a year. more than any basketball coach at alabama has made.


not saying he should be fired.

am saying he needs to tighten his ass up.

(and act like he wants to be here every now and then)

Anonymous said...

I disagree that Bama will probably make tourney next year. If Grant does get Bama in tourney next year he deserves to stay. Next year is going to be much harder than this year. The SEC is on the rise. I realize Bama has some freshman too but Arkansas under Anderson and UT with Martin will have to be delt with next year. Ole Miss & LSu look to be on the rise as well. The SEC adds Missouri and A&M too. The SEC only got 5 last year and only 4 this year. Bama is going to be boderline for sure. He makes $2 million a year, time to produce.

MSmilie said...
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Anonymous said...

A lot of things have to change before Grant is earning his enormous paycheck.

finebammer said...

"To Finebammer's point that Grant should lighten up: I like having a no-nonsense guy in charge. He's not there to be likable (ask Tennessee fans how likable worked out for Bruce Pearl), he's there to build a basketball program. Nick Saban hasn't been accused of being jocular and he's done pretty well for himself and the programs he's led. Grant will ultimately be judged on the direction of the program, not how many jokes he cracked at the press conference."

as if we needed another example of how far m's head is up grant's ass. (that has to be a tight fit!)

really ,m?? bruce pearl?? nick saban???

m, you've made some ridiculous responses to my insights before but you really raised the bar with this one.

bruce pearl???? your extremes give you away, bro. i in no way said or implied grant needed to rip off his shirt and bare his painted chest. i am saying part of the job of being a basketball coach at alabama is promoting the program, something Coach Saban has never had to worry about.

here's an old adage your dumb ass would be wise to remember:

you draw more flies with sugar than vinegar.

anthony grant would do himself a world of favors by just acting like he wants to be in tuscaloosa occasionally. i realize it's not lexington but here's a news flash: he's not john calipari.

when i see or hear from anthony grant, he's a hell of a lot closer to vinegar than sugar. folks here have bitched about attendance and student section involvement. i think the fan base has done a hell of a job considering the lack of a proper representative for the program they have in a coach. fans WANT to like anthony grant. but frankly, it's hard to put your arm around a cactus.

Coach Saban can be who he is because he's the best college football coach in the game today. Coach Saban has to promote nothing. in the worst of times, fans show up for alabama football.

'bama basketball ain't 'bama football, m. somebody's got to sell it. and anthony grant's coaching is far from being good enough to sell the product.

regardless, to imply that i think grant should make a fool of himself like pearl is vacuous at best.

your comparisons of grant to the best college football coach walking right now???

just plain stupid.

(but really, m, how did i do with my use of "your" and "you're" in this post, moron)

MSmilie said...

I deleted my initial comments above because I responded to Finebammer in a way that lacked clarity. I was going to delete the comments, leave it alone and slink off into the night because I know I'm fighting a losing battle with this buffoon. However, I've never been one to run away from a fight, particularly if it's justified. So put your gloves on, Finebammer. Let's rock.
I'm sorry if my Bruce Pearl reference is extreme, moron. Unfortunately, you didn't use a point of reference in your meager complaint above about Grant's demeanor. If you had made the distinction that he didn't have to be a Bruce Pearl type, then I would have been unable to cite Pearl as a reference, wouldn't I? You left this broad comment about Grant and I guess you just expected everyone to know the context you were using. You didn't think it through....what a shock. Don't blame me for that Pearl reference, Bammer. Blame your own vague, stupid comments.
I wasn't comparing the coaching ability of Nick Saban and Anthony Grant, only their demeanor. That's what you were referring to so that's what I commented on. If you didn't have the reading comprehension skills of a child raised by wolves you would have understood that.
And, yes, I will continue to defend Anthony Grant against illogical, baseless criticism such as yours. Call it having my head up his ass if you must, you crass little tick. I call it being objective. You see, little buddy, I use critical thinking to form opinions. Unlike you, who use emotion, prejudice and a general misunderstanding of the world around you to reach your conclusions. You see, you're not a smart guy, Finebammer. Maybe you're the brains of the operation in whatever rabbit hole makes up your limited airspace, but your shit doesn't carry water in the outside world. Sorry.
Yes, I will defend Anthony Grant. The man has done right by Alabama in his first three years and I think we are lucky to have him as our head coach. Believe me, there are plenty of fanbases out there who would love to have Anthony Grant as their coach. The man is trying to build a good program here. So far he's handled himself with class.
That is an opinion that doesn't necessarily reflect the views of the other writers or the readers of this blog, which is fine. I love different opinions. I love debate. However, when someone such as you makes baseless comments with only a modicum of thought put into them, I will openly challenge them. And when a fool such as you insults me, brother I will definitely challenge them.

MSmilie said...
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MSmilie said...
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bobbyjack said...

I'd rather the political stuff be taken off. As for the back and forth... you two have at it.

MSmilie said...

So Grant's made some questionable in-game decisions as head coach. So what? Every coach in the history of the game has made in-game decisions they would love to do over. That's part of growing as a coach. It's not like Anthony Grant came to us as a grizzled veteran of the head coaching ranks. It's always been about his potential as a head coach. So far, based on what he did at VCU and so far at Bama, he's living up to his potential. In six years as a head coach, he has taken three of his squads to the big dance (and two of those teams - one at VCU and last year's Bama team were NCAA-caliber teams).

Is Anthony Grant a perfect coach? Nope. I've never stated he was. He's a young man by coaching standards and he can continue to improve as a coach. As long as he improves as a coach AND continues to move the program forward, what is the big deal? My problem with Gottfried was he regressed as a coach and motivator with each passing year. I have seen no sign of that with Grant.

Your criticism is silly and doesn't reflect the majority opinion of Anthony Grant. The majority of the fanbase supports the man and what he is doing. They supported his decisions regarding the suspended players and I have yet to read many comments by those who share your putridly negative views of the man and the job he is doing. You've got a personal issue with Anthony Grant and no matter what he accomplishes at Alabama you will always find something to bitch about like the scurvy little cockroach you are.

And this notion he is unhappy in Tuscaloosa????Where do you get that crap? There isn't one shred of evidence in your assertion, just you talking out of your ass again. Isn't it tiring to be a jackass all of the time, Bammer? Surely something makes you happy that doesn't involve the sun, a magnifying glass and an ant hill.
My problem with you is not your opinions; it's your stupidity and lack of personality. Every post that is written at this blog that tries to look at the state of the program in an optimistic light is attacked by you, either subtly or, in the case of your insulting diatribe above, openly. It's tiring.

I hope I speak for most of the contributors and readers here when I say with great passion: GO FUCK YOURSELF, FINEBAMMER. If you don't like what I write or my opinions concerning the basketball program or the head coach, just avoid my posts. It's so simple. The other writers here do great work and we all have a different slant on the program. Perhaps they are more your cup of coffee. I don't know. Frankly, I don't care. I'm tired of battling with you, nimrod. Either bring something worthwhile to the conversation or fuck off.


BamaLib said...

I would give Coach Grant a "B+" as a grade for the nice success of this season while depending on a majority who are Freshmen, new to college basketball. And I am thankful for his integrity, his class, and his patience with our freshmen and his firmness with the upperclassmen.

When freshmen players are wildly inconsistent, it's hard for a coach to be consistent with coaching decisions, so I find it silly to be harshly critical, given the circumstances.

And I appreciate it that Coach Grant, without a doubt, has demonstrated love for Tuscaloosa and the University in leading the way to help the community rebuild after the Tornado of April 27, 2011, and has affected the lives of many Tuscaloosa residents who suffered.

Worries about next season?? NOT AT ALL! Scared of the basketball teams of LSU and Ole Miss? NO WAY ! Vanderbilt and Mississippi State and Missouri will be vastly weakened. We should expect sweeping victories of them next year! ! Bama will once again dominate on its home court in Coleman, and our offensive production will increase DRASTICALLY, and the rest of the SEC will have fear in facing our Hoopsters of the Crimson and White !

NOTE: When our LEADING SCORER and ONLY SENIOR (JaMychal Green) only scored in single digits or less than 10 points, Bama still managed to have a 8-2 record ! ! This is VERY encouraging when anticipating next season.

May the returning players work hard through the off-season in getting ready for the 2012-13 season......CAN'T WAIT !

Eamon said...

To the anonymous poster who said Alabama won't make the tournament because the SEC will be deeper next year: if the SEC is stronger, then it will get more bids than it did this year. It was in position to get six bids this season before Mississippi State awesomely collapsed and Tennessee lost in the SECT. If this team is good enough to make the tournament next year, then they'll be in the tournament. I think they will be, as they only have to replace Green. It may be addition by subtraction, anyways. With guys like Releford, Steele, Randolph, Lacey, Cooper, Jacobs, and Hankerson back, I think they'll be in the tournament again.