Monday, March 12, 2012

Bama vs Creigton 1:40EST on Friday and Final Four prediction

It's on TBS from what I've seen on the innernets. If I'm not on the west coast I think I will drive up to Greensboro for the game (unless someone is going to drive/ride with me). A Creighton preview is coming in a day.

As for the my Final Four... here are my picks:
- Kentucky over Baylor in the South
- Missouri over Louisville in the West
- Syracuse over FSU in the East
- North Carolina over Georgetown in the Midwest

As you can see, I'm not exactly going out on a limb here... IMO there are 8 elite teams and a bunch of filler. I believe Missouri was screwed over as a 1 seed. They should've gotten it over Michigan St. What killed me was the selection committee said Missouri was the last #2 seed. Really? It's far past time for there to be 'etched in stone' criteria for seeding.


DJC said...

A few random thoughts on the bracket, etc.

1. For Kentucky to be the overall seed, they did not do them any favors. That is a very tough region. I still think they survive, and I think the Vandy loss will ultimately prove to be good for them, but they've got a tough road ahead.

2. VCU v. Wichita State in the first round is brutal. Both of those teams had the potential to make a run.

3. I like the fact that Creighton is bitching about their seed and already starting to talk about North Carolina.

4. Syracuse got a very favorable draw. I was looking for a hot shooting team to knock them off, given all of their off the court problems, but I just don't see it happenening. Oddly enough, I think Vandy could do it if they make it that far, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Harvard take them down in the first round.

finebammer said...

"It's far past time for there to be 'etched in stone' criteria for seeding."

disagree completely.

somebody has to get screwed. isn't that what a tournament is about???

remember the scene in 'the matrix' when mr. smith was telling mr. anderson about the first matrix where everything was perfect and that's why it wouldn't work??

humans can't do perfection. it's like adding teams to the tourney. we just keep trying to make it better and keep watering down the product.

it's why the mid-majors are allowed in. they don't have the best talent or maybe the best coaches but they provide an opportunity for the best teams to screw themselves.

and we love to watch it as long as is isn't our team getting the shaft.

stop adding teams. let the committee choose.

like humans do.

(that's a song???)

Nick said...

I haven't seen a single person pick Bama. It seems to be a forgone conclusion that they will light Bama up from the outside.

Unfortunately, because everyone wants the UNC/Creighton game so that the Ames, Iowa players can square off, this means that many UNC fans in the building will be pulling for Creighton.

I think if we can limit McDermott and force other players to beat us we can win. They will get their 3's, but we will need to limit them. The scouting reports say that Creighton struggles with quick, athletic teams that drive to the hoop. Sounds like our team to me.

Everyone is obsessed with offense, just like in football. They forget that defense can win games, too.

MSmilie said...

Kentucky did receive a tough draw. Iowa State/Uconn in the second round is going to be a tough game.

I'm really disappointed in the selection committee pitting VCU against Wichita State. This game will definitely serve a bracket buster because both teams are really good right now. You put those two in different 5/12 match-ups and they are easy picks for the next round. This should be one of the top games in the first round.

I would argue that Creighton's unhappiness with their seed could serve as inspiration. I'm hoping for the best, but Creighton is just a better team.

Syracuse did get a great draw. I felt they were primed for an upset but I just don't see it in the first two, maybe even three rounds. The talking heads are high on Vandy, but I have a feeling they make have hit an emotional peak in beating Kentucky. When the head coach is crying into a towel after winning a conference tournament you have to wonder if this team will have anything in the tank when they tip off on Friday against a solid Harvard team.

MSmilie said...

As far as seeding goes, I really felt Memphis, based on their play down the stretch, deserved a better seed. Michigan State is my national championship pick, but Memphis or even St. Louis will give them hell (and maybe beat them) in the second round. Both of those teams are a little under-seeded in my opinion.

I think Florida is also under-seeded. They actually have a manageable road though. Virginia is a difficult team to play because of their pace, but they've been sliding. And Missouri is awesome, but they are a mirror image of Florida. So is Marquette. Florida might flame out early, but it would not shock me to see them go on a run.

The West bracket looks like the toughest to me. 10 of the 17 teams (including Iona in the play-in game) were regular season champions in their conference while Louisville won the Big East tournament. Again, Michigan State is my championship favorite (I'm pulling for Izzo to win his second, and Draymond Green is one of my favorite players), but that road may be too tough for them to navigate.

finebammer said...

bracket alert!!!!!

whoop whoop whoop!

bracket alert!!!!!

fab melo suspended. ineligible for tourney.

whoop whoop whoop!!!!!

(boehiem sea 'take that, grant')

Alabamalib said...

When I do my Brackets, I am definitely leaving out Kentucky ! That's right. I didn't expect KY to win the SEC Tournament either, but I stayed quiet about it. Why am I leaving out Kentucky? ? ? It's the "Tournament Freshmen Rule."

But I can't bring myself to apply it to Alabama, although I should. So, I'll be making an exception of the Freshman Rule for Alabama to survive a close one in the first round, due to Green's summertime-tournament experience, good free throw shooting and significant points off plenty of steals and turnovers. Well, that's my hope. And maybe Creighton's attitude of grandeur will lead to them getting out-hustled on the floor against the underdog, Alabama. After all, they don't call this March Madness for nothing. ROLL TIDE ! It's nice to be back in the Brackets !

finebammer said...

"...........floor against the underdog, Alabama."

uhhh, 'bama's a 1 1/2 pt. favorite in vegas.

in other news, jamychal green says he has to play "smart" against doug mcdermott of creighton:

"Just play smart,” Green said. “He likes to pump fake and try to draw fouls. So I’m just going to have to not try to block shots and just stay on the floor and play smart.”

well, i guess at this late date in his alabama career, it's as good a time as any to start.