Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dancing with the Blue Jays in Greensboro.

The six year drought is over!  We will return to the NCAA tournament to take on the Creighton Blue Jays in Greensboro Friday.  This was probably the 2nd most difficult draw we could get.  Creighton is a very strong 8 seed, in my opinion, and if we can somehow get past them we will face the UNC tarheels in their back yard in the 3rd round.

A first round win over a good Creighton team would be huge.  If we lose to Creighton, I hope UNC is at least in our session on the first day.  North Carolina is one of my favorite teams, and I hope to get to see them play in person, one way or another.  Last time I had a chance to do so, Gottfried screwed it up by losing to a God awful Oregon team in Maui.

Game time and TV coverage will be announced in the next few days.  Alabama's official website has a link that purports to allow season ticket holders to request tickets, but of course it isn't working and the deadline is 5pm tomorrow.  I guess I will call down there and deal with those idiots first thing in the morning.


Nick said...

I think Creighton is a decent matchup for us. Sure, they score a lot but their defense is weak. We need to go against a team with a poor defense and you'd better believe Creighton will be frustrated by how many of their 3's are contested.

I'm also not too mad about getting UNC potentially in round 2. I'd much rather have that than someone like Syracuse who would ruin us with their vaunted 2-3 zone.

finebammer said...

"I guess I will call down there and deal with those idiots first thing in the morning."

ever get the feeling your not welcome???

of course you guys know my feeling about jamychal green. but i do think this game is taylor-made for him. pound it inside.

MSmilie said...

Creighton does have a physical inside presence in Greg Echinique (not sure of the spelling and don't have time to look it up). I'm happy we're back in the tournament, but I just think Creighton is the better team. They can shoot the ball, have a good point guard and the best player on the court in McDermott. We will scrap I'm sure, but like the Florida game in New Orleans, we probably won't be able to score enough to keep up with them.

Alias said...

I did get to see UNC when they came to play in Coleman Coliseum around 1980 or 1981. Dean Smith signed a post player from just outside of Tuscaloosa and he used to promise his kids that if they played for him they would get to play at least one game close to their home town during their career. We gave them a fight, but the Tar Heels won the game.