Friday, March 30, 2012

Jack Blankenship for UA President

Jack Blankenship, the Crimson Tide "Superfan" known for his big-head frown poster that he uses at all Alabama basketball games, is launching his bid for UA President for 2012. His campaign video is shown below.

I encourage any of our Bama Hoops followers that are eligible to please vote for Jack in the upcoming campus election. Roll Tide!


finebammer said...

interesting piece from deadspin on bruce pearl. kind of long but lots of interesting names in it:

"But it was a model scandal. It had all the elements. It was Cam Newton and Renardo Sidney and O.J. Mayo and Blue Chips, all rolled into one and topped off with a touch of Nixonian spy craft."

Anonymous said...

SGA President ? ? /

Anonymous said...

Jack is not running for SGA. he wants to be President of the University.