Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mi$$iSSippi $tate news- Sidney and Moultrie to go pro

Moultrie is probably a 2nd rounder while Sidney will probably end up overseas as he has no chance at the NBA (or D-league).

In case you haven't heard already, the great Rick Stansbury 'retired' last week and M$U is having a hard time finding someone to take the job. I suspect at some point their AD is going to pull a Mal Moore and yell down the hall gauging interest in the job (the running joke on how Wendell Hudson got the Bama women's hoop job... which he's been terrible at).

Random thought- this one and done is making it harder for me to keep up with college hoops. My interest outside of Bama has waned over the last decade and is probably as low as it's ever been. Either let them go straight out of HS or follow baseball and have them commit 3 yrs (I'd even be fine with 2).


MSmilie said...

Actually, there is a lot of talk that Moultrie could be a lottery pick. Definitely a first-round pick.

Sidney won't even make it overseas. If the guy is doing anything basketball-related in three years, it will be a miracle. Best case scenario for him is some NBA team decides to see one more time if the potential will become reality and sticks him on a D-League bench.

I read earlier today that Bryce Drew actually interviewed for the job. That would not be in the best interest of either party. Bryce Drew did a nice job in his first season at Valparaiso, but the situation was set up beautifully by his old man. Bryce would be better off sticking around Valpo a couple of years and making sure he's got the chops to take the next step.

Tim Floyd and Starkville. That would be a match made in heaven.

bobbyjack said...

I suspect as more declare, Moultrie's status falls thus my 2nd round guess.

As for fat ass Sidney, if Evan Brock can make serious cash overseas Sidney can as well... if he decides to get in shape. The skills are there.

With Stansbury watching over the program (like Pat Dye at the Barn for CFB) it's going to be tough to bring in a coach worth a damn there.

I'd say Eustachy at So Miss, but I think he's gonna stay there another year and parlay that to a much better gig.

DJC said...

Devonta Pollard has reportedly eliminated $tate from consideration. Georgetown is now our biggest competition, but I don't think he will go that far away from home. These are dark days in $tarkville. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch!

BamaLib said...

Devonta Pollard has official visits scheduled for Georgetown and Alabama in April ! ! ! it will be Bama first, and then Georgetown trying to get the last word.

He fits best with Alabama's personnel and may offer the offensive scoring that Bama is in great great desire for.

Anonymous said...

MSU's PG-of-the-future, Deville Smith, is also leaving the stinking Sinking MiStake Ship program. I don't know why Craig Sword of Montgomery wants to go there, or why Wendell Lewis of Selma would want to stay there. (????)


MSmilie said...

Pollard would be a nice pick-up, no doubt. That kid can play a lot of spots on the floor. Too bad he suffered a concussion and had to sit out the McDonald's game. As much effort as the coaching staff have put into landing him, I sure hope it pays off.

State is definitely not trending upwards right now. It wil be interesting to see what Rodney Hood decides to do. He is a very talented kid who has been listed as a potential lottery pick next season by some of the NBA draft sites. If he sticks around, that makes things easier for the next coach, but if he splits....good luck.

I wonder if the Stansbury "retirement" will have any bearing on Gavin Ware's future. 6'9 245 lb post player from Starkville. Bama was recruiting him pretty heavily before he signed with State. I usually don't agree with recruiting a kid who has already signed with another program, unless there is a coaching change.

AlabamaLib said...

I am not able to agree with the statement made earlier that Coach Wendell Hudson has not been a good coach.

And I say this even as I assume that I'm the most frustrated and the most infuriated by Bama's last-place finish this year in the SEC......

But I also believe in being fair, and I recognize the difficult circumstances with multiple, multiple, multiple injuries on this year's team while contending with a highly-competitive SEC league. I assume that the negative-critics are only looking at Bama's SEC-Placement and win-loss record in making their condemning judgements, which is in our case, a misleading criterion of evaluating Coach Hudson's coaching ability!

Please recall that true Crimson Tide fans enjoyed a sting of remarkable victories in last year's post-season basketball tournament (which all occurred on the road in the WNIT, I believe)...

And then our THREE TOP SCORERS WERE GONE for this year (All-SEC Tierney Jenkins graduated, and then Kaneisha Horn and the team's only senior Ericka Russell became lost due to severe season-ending injuries. If it had been any of the current Final-Four Coaches having this situation, I think you would be calling them "terrible coaches" too ! ! !

I have been thinking that the Bama Women's team has been devoid of talent, and is starving for the basketball skills of Alabama's best players, but Alabama's best players continue to leave the state and go to Tennessee (referencing a certain in-coming freshman signee in Huntsville) and to Georgia, and to LSU (which had more players from Alabama than from Louisiana!) The agri-poly-tech College of the Town of Auburn is also suffering the same stigmas of recruiting that Alabama is.

Our 3 junior college transfers struggled to have any consistency during the SEC schedule, but did occasionally have moments of excellence, including the outstanding Victory over the SEC Champion, Kentucky, in scoring 50 points by halftime.

The optimism of Coach Hudson for a more complete team next year is very encouraging, with the return of the injured Kaneisha Horn, the maturation of freshman Aneesah Daniels, and the experience of our junior transfers, plus the availability of a pair of 2 acclaimed players from Rutgers who had to sit out this season. It will be a different team next year very much !

The in-coming freshman are a concern to me. They are not held as a top-notch group, so it is unknown as to whether they can prove to be SEC-calibre type players in the long run. I really don't expect much playing time for them this next season, and expect them to even be red-shirted, because nearly Bama's entire young team is returning next year plus we'll have the All-Star, K-Horn, back and the addition of the Rutgers Pair.

So next year's season under Coach Hudson offers the opportunity to be a BIG turning point for the Crimson Tide Women's Basketball Program, and I am very very VERY excited about it, and I hope that future recruits (especially from Alabama) will notice our CRIMSON TIDE too. ROLL TIDE !

Eamon said...

$tate should be awesomely bad next year. They have Hood, Steele, Lewis, and a bunch of freshman. I'm thinking a last place finish in the SEC for them. Yes, that's even below Auburn, who also looks like a hot mess with the departures of Kouassi and Ward.

MSmilie said...

As much as I hate to write it, I disagree that Auburn will be a "hot mess". Sure, the Varez Ward investigation is another blight, but there is no sign as of yet that the coaches were involved in anything that might bring the FBI or NCAA down on them.

When you look at the projected roster for Auburn next year, they return some established players in Josh Langford, Frankie Sullivan, Josh Wallace and Rob Chubb. Also, guys like Allen Payne, Chris Denson and Noel Johnson all had moments last season. Cedrick McAfee hasn't shown it so far, but he was well-regarded coming out of high school. Barbee has also signed two top 100 recruits and a junior college big man.

That's certainly not a championship roster, but it's far from a hot mess. I think it's possible that Auburn is at least in position for the NIT next season.

Eamon said...

Langford was suspended for most of the season last year (unrelated to the Ward scandal). They're extremely shooting guard/wing heavy, with guys like Langford, Payne, Sullivan, Denson, Johnson, and now Jordan Price and Shaquille Johnson. McAfee only played in three games all season, so I don't think he'll get playing time next year. Wallace is fast, but that's about it. Sullivan can play some point guard, so he'll most likely be asked to play a lot of point next year with Ward gone. Chubb is their only big man with any experience, and it's not like he's going to set the world on fire. They do have some talent, but too much talent at one position. I think they'll be pretty bad next year without a true point guard or post presence. But, that's just me.

bamalib said...

Rick Ray? ?
A Clemson Assistant ?

.... well.... OK.

BamaLib said...

One Shining Moment.... I think I saw Andrew Steele and Trevor Releford having post-game sentiments, but this was shown toward the end of the song, and it didn't show the name Alabama on the jersey, which I was really anticipating so that the world woul know ALABAMA's BACK !

But I love that song, and especially this particular version ! Come on.. post that video here ! ! !

bamalib said...

Calipari sure does have a bitter attitude in this post-game conference after the game against Kansas....What's his problem??? and he shot down one of his players !

Oh.. he just said that he's tired and wants everyone to stop asking questions so that he can go back to his hotel. The most sour coach in history who just won a championship award goes to Cali