Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photo from NOLA and quick guess on Final 4 at large teams

Thanks to Nick for grabbing this on Bourbon St. Those are Kentucky players Dorom Lamb and future millionaire Anthony Davis in the background.

Quick guess on Final 4 in:
- Seton Hall
- Cal
- NC State
- Drexel

Mark Gottfried has done a good job harnessing the talent left behind by Sydney Lowe. They'll play Tuesday, but at least they are in (at least IMO).

No soup for you M$U... enjoy the NIT!

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Nick said...

I was next to Lamb and said "Hey good luck this week" and he pretty much ignored me. They weren't stopping really for anybody, which is understandable.

This was on Wednesday, though, before UK fans REALLY took over Bourbon Street.