Friday, March 02, 2012

SEC Seeding Senarios

Kentucky has clinched the #1 seed.  After that, it gets messy.  Florida and Vandy are currently tied for 2nd at 10-5.  Alabama and Tennessee are tied for 3rd at 9-6.  3 teams are tied at 7-8, Arkansas is right behind them at 6-9, auburn and Georgia will be battling for the 10th seed as both are 4-11, and South Carolina will definitely be bringing up the rear as the 12th seed at 2-13.  I am only going to deal with our possible scenarios, but if you want to figure out where everybody else will end up, here are the tie breaking procedures:

Two team tie:  A. Head to head record
B. Record versus the number 1 seed (and proceeding through the no.12 seed, if necessary)
C. Coin toss.

Three team tie:  A.  Best winning percentage of games played among the tied teams.  B. Best winning percentage of the tied teams versus the no 1 seed and proceeding through the 12 seed, if necessary.  C.  If two teams remain, coin toss, if the 3 or more teams remain tied, draw their names out of a hat.

Remaining games:

We play @ Ole Miss, Tennessee hosts Vanderbilt, and Florida hosts Kentucky.

If we beat Ole Miss we are the 4 seed and thus get the bye UNLESS Tennessee beats Vanderbilt AND Kentucky beats Florida.

If we lose to Ole Miss, we are still the 4 seed if Vandy beats Tennessee.  If Tennessee wins that game, we would be the 5.

It's odd that we are better off finishing in a tie for 4th than we are in a 4 way tie for 2nd, but that's the way it works out.  Basically, the Vanderbilt-Tennessee game is more important than our own game Saturday.  As long as Vandy beats Tennessee, we will be the 4 seed and get the first round bye.  If we win and Tennessee wins, we need to be huge Florida fans Sunday.

My original intentions were to work out the scenarios for the whole conference and post who we would be playing depending on the outcome of this weekend's games, but after about 15 minutes I gave myself a headache and decided it wasn't worth the effort.


finebammer said...

"but after about 15 minutes I gave myself a headache and decided it wasn't worth the effort."


i've already read some here in b'ham saying alabama would be better off losing tomorrow.

again, i think it's VERY important to enter the post-season on a roll. you hear questions every year about the importance of conference tournaments to the big picture.

yes, i know injuries can happen but i just don't think you can play worried about injuries. i think strategies are different for other teams but i just don't see where losing helps us.

win. roll into the post-season!

DJC said...

I agree, no reason to ever lose a game. We are already in and playing for seeding, losing does not help us in those regards (unless you are trying to drop down to a 10, but i'd rather try to move up to a 7).

I want us to win the SEC tournament and I hope we go down there with the goal of doing that. It's been too damned long since we won what used to be OUR tournament (The Wimp Sanderson Invitational). Also, lets face it, this team most likely isn't going to the Final Four, we should try to win championships that are within reach.

I hope Coach Cal takes the "lets rest up for the NCAA" approach, but I doubt they will. This Kentucky team seems to be on a mission.

finebammer said...

it was reported earlier today engstrom "hyper-extended" his knee and that was why he saw limited action in the auburn game. no for on whether this injury occurred during or before the game.

no word on any illness.

no word on the status of gueye's knees.

bobbyjack said...

I know Carl didn't hyperextended his knee jumping cause his vertical is up there with Prince Fielder. Heh

I want to win this tourney... I also don't think this team the way it is goes past the 1st week of the NCAAT. The crazy thing is I might miss most of it as I'm planning on going to the ACCT down the road. Finebammer... I'll cheer on xcmg for you.

finebammer said...

"Finebammer... I'll cheer on xcmg for you."

you guys, i can always depend on you!!