Friday, March 09, 2012

SEC Tournament 2nd round- Florida Gators

I'm going to be a debbie downer on this one... even though the Gators have lost 3 straight, I don't have a whole lot of confidence in today's matchup. Another thing... Anthony Grant has yet to beat his mentor.

Here's a write up from their side on the game. Here are their season stats. Here's the write up from our first game.

Not a lot has changed here... the Gators are still deadly from outside, but have struggled the last 3 games with under 40% FG and 27.5% from 3.As their preview tells us, Will Yeguete is done for the year. He gave them 20 MPG and was a good inside presence.

Kenny Boynton leads the team at 16.8 PPG and is their best 3 pt shooter (.434). Bradley Beal and Erving Walker throw down 14.4 and 12.4 and like Boynton are good FT shooters (all over 73%). Patric Young and Erik Young round out their offensive attack both dropping 10 per game as well.Young shot an amazing 61.6% from the field... and like last game will give us fits inside and on the boards. Murphy is another one to watch from outside hitting at a .432 clip. Yikes!

The numbers:
- +10.9 scoring margin
- .462 FG
- .389 3pt FG
- +2.8 rebound margin
- 6.6 steals

Prediction: Like I said to start this... bad feeling about this one. A team that can shoot vs a team that can't. Defense is great and all, but the Gators will get enough good looks and stick them... while we continue to have a hard time throwing a golf ball through the hoop. If we somehow hold them to AUful shooting we have a chance. Let's hope against hope for that. Gators by 11.

Game time is 3:30PM EST on the SEC Network.


BamaChaos said...

Well that absolutely usual....missing a key shot....Hope we play like we did today in the NCAA Tour. baring the fall apart at the very end and J.M missing THE FREE THROW. But if we show up like we did today in the Tourn. then we could very well upset a few teams

bobbyjack said...

If it wasn't for Green we would've lost by 20. He dominated inside. As far as the missed ft... I admit I expected it, but note it was his only miss of the game. Green was our player of the game.

MSmilie said...

The free throw miss was unfortunate, but Green played a hell of a game today. Can't pin the loss on him. The real key to the result was the turnovers down the stretch and Florida hitting 10+ three pointers. Alabama played well, they just came up short. It wasn't the lethargic effort we've seen in other games this year. I've got no problem with the overall effort today.

finebammer said...

green "player of the game".

yep, in that great proverbial moral victory.


there seems to be better feelings here about a game they lost than the game they won in this tournament.

but, of course, this is an alabama basketball blog.

from kevin scarbinsky:

"And still these guys will get to dance. They may not count on it, but that doesn't matter. This does: What will they do with the chance?"


not more hype!

Nick said...

I was in New Orleans this week and as some of you may know, I live in Michigan, so the fact that the tournament was in town was fricken awesome for me.

I walked past the UK team in Bourbon Street on Wednesday night and the Vanderbilt team on Thursday night. I also stood behind Terrence Jones at Cafe du Monde last night and talked to his mother lol.

My experience with UK fans seems similar to what you guys have said. They're a classy bunch. One guy offered me his tickets to the Bama/Florida game since he wasn't going to go to it but I had to decline because I was with a group from my school (we were doing service work in NOLA this week).

It was wild to see how UK took over Bourbon Street on Wednesday night and then the entire downtown on the following nights. It was also a blast to yell "Roll Tide" to fellow Bama fans.

Oh, I also took this picture a week ago:

I hadn't seen BDS since 2003 so that was pretty awesome.

Me, with Lamb and Davis behind me:

bobbyjack said...

Thanks Nick... If you want I can post those images in a new post.

Nick said...

That'd be cool. Thanks!