Wednesday, March 07, 2012

SEC Tourney- South Carolina quick preview

YOUR NCAA TOURNAMENT BOUND (it feels so good to type that) Crimson Tide face off with the Gamecocks from South Carolina with the intent of erasing our worst loss of the season. The Gamecocks are probably the worst team I've seen in the SEC in 10 years... and yet one of their 2 conference wins was over us in a game that made John Wooden roll over in his grave. 

First a write up from their official site.
Next, a look at their best blog. They don't have a preview up yet, but I suspect they will at some point.
Finally, season stats.

The Cocks come in on fire... winners of 1 of their last 8, 2-14 in conference and 10-20 overall. Of their 14 losses in conference, 10 of them have been by double digits. Malik Cooke leads the team in scoring at 12.5 a game. Damontre Harris is their inside force and has improved... he leads the team in boards. Bruce Ellington directs the offense and also drops 11PPG. To be honest I didn't check injury report... if I do and find someone of significance not playing I'll edit this.

As a team they make our offense look like North Carolina, but like us they do play tough defense. Theydo give up a higher than average number of 3 pointers (38%) so hopefully we get some open looks and gulp... hit them.

Green should be able to dominate inside... as well as Jacobs. The key to the game on our end is which Releford will we see... the one @ Arkansas or the one we have seen the past 2 games. When he struggles, we are out to sea in a boat without oars.

Prediction: Even though a 2nd loss to this horrific team would make us worry... we seem to be safely in the NCAA Tournament. I suspect Grant will remind them of their previous game and on a neutral court (in front of friends, family and not much else) we should beat them down by double digits.. like the rest of the league has done. Bama by 13.

Game time is 3:30PM EST on the SEC Network.


finebammer said...


there's some real excitement around the first ncaa post-season appearance for alabama around here!


MSmilie said...

Finebammer: Sorry, man. Some of us have jobs, families and real life issues to deal with. We don't have time to hover over a computer keyboard 24/7 bathing in our own irrelevance like yourself.

MSmilie said...

Furthermore, Alabama has not locked up anything in my mind until their name is called on Sunday. Let's focus on the SEC Tournament for now, okay?

Thanks, buddy.

bobbyjack said...

That was an AUful performance. Letting the cocks play us to the wire scares me. Unless the team figures it out in 24hrs we are going to get curbstomped by the gators.

finebammer said...

"we should beat them down by double digits.. like the rest of the league has done."

'we didn't "match-up" well with (snort) auburn.'

'we always struggle in oxford.'

what now guys???

we will be "curb stomped" tomorrow and will be one-and-done should we make the dance and it could have been different.



they mean something.

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: If Bama wins tomorrow (a long shot), I don't want to hear from you for the rest of the season. Deal?