Friday, April 13, 2012

Good and Bad News

First, the good news. This bit of news is sure to be warmly embraced by Finebammer, the President of the JaMychal Green fan club.

JaMychal Green was invited to take part in the Portsmouth Invitational, a showcase for college seniors hoping to improve their draft stock. In his first outing on Thursday, Green put up numbers of 29 pts (14-18 from the field) and 10 rebounds. His performance garnered raves, including this excerpt from Ryan Mattocks at

JaMychal Green (Alabama) put up a videogame-like stat line with 29 and 10 (6 off.) on 14-18 shooting. Most impressive about the 6'8" 240 lb. forward's performance was the way in which he went about his business. Green didn't try to become someone is isn't. He didn't attempt a 3 (only took 10 all year and 17 in his college career). What he did do was space-out beautifully after setting ballscreens and pop for 15-17 jumpers and consistently knock them down. He played volleyball on the offensive glass and ran the floor with a purpose (ran straight to the rim in transition many times) and was rewarded for doing so on more than one occasion. Had crowd roaring after an alley from Jordan Theodore in the first half. Along with Chace Stanback, Green gets my nod of approval for most-likely to land on an NBA roster at some point in the next calendar year from this group.

Obviously Green's physical talent has never been the question mark, it's always been his maturity. Granted, the NBA today is a place in which players can snap their fingers and have coaches fired so perhaps maturity and attitude don't count for much anymore. Still, credit JaMychal for having himself ready, both physically and mentally, for this event. Hopefully, it leads to more NBA interest for him.

And now the bad news:

DeVon Walker, the 6'5 guard from Winter Haven, Florida that Alabama had recently offered, has decided to sign with the Florida Gators. Obviously Alabama has its share of guards right now, but it appears the coaching staff was high on this kid so it's disappointing they could not land him. Seems like it's Devonta Pollard or bust right now for the Alabama coaching staff.


BamaRustyGold said...

Proud to hear that about Green. If we had some Guards that could shoot he would have had a all-american type year. They smothered him in the zone this year. I actually think he bought into what Grant wanted this year even though he got popped with a suspension. I blame most of that on Mitchell.

We really need to land Pollard. It would also help to find another JC big man that could defend, rebound and toss in about 10 a game. That would really help out Jacobs. I just am not sold on Engstrom or Moose yet.

I look for our guards to really shine next year. I think Lacey and Randolph will have big years.

finebammer said...

"This bit of news is sure to be warmly embraced by Finebammer, the President of the JaMychal Green fan club."

funny stuff. really.

but that's ok. here's (sincerely) hoping green goes to the nba and makes a ton of money.

(i read somewhere that winning the lottery doesn't solve your problems, it magnifies them. maybe green can buck the trend)

but if he does that doesn't change the fact that his time and play at alabama wasn't what it should have been.

after his third suspension, i would have kicked his ass off the team.

"Seems like it's Devonta Pollard or bust right now for the Alabama coaching staff."

that statement (especially considering the source) is damning for our recruiting effort this year.

"Obviously Alabama has its share of guards right now"

if this kid has any confidence in his shooting and couldn't see an opportunity to play here, there's something wrong.

but to be fair, he signed with the state school. florida and donovan were supposed to get him.

Bamalib said...

Will Coach Saban loan Reggie Ragland and let him put on a basketball uniform for the spring ?

It's been a long time since we've seen any two-sport athletes at UA.
I recall several who did Football+Track and two who did Football+Baseball, but I don't ever remember any doing Basketball with something else.

Alabamalib said...

Oh, I just now discovered some good replies to the question about Ragland (a signee on the football team for UA, but a 3-star basketball recruit.. I think he was 3-star?), and appreciate the responses.

I never took DeVon Walker's recruitment very seriously, and I really don't think Florida did either. On the other hand, we got a jersey prepared and waiting for Devonta Pollard ! Hope he grabs it! ROLL TIDE !