Monday, April 23, 2012

Hankerson going to Wyoming, Seth Greenberg fired @ VA Tech

The HANK is taking his talents to Laramie. Good luck to him... wish he would've gotten a better shake here.

Seth Greenberg fired at Virginia Tech. This is a surprising move, but I guess their AD figured might as well replace him since all of his assistants were gone (minus 1). Also, they could be bracing for Syracuse and Pitt joining the ACC in 2013.

Unrelated... I have to admit I watched less college basketball this year than I have in about 10 years. Obviously I watched just about every Bama game I could, but I barely watched any Big Monday or ESPN Wednesday games. Heck, I only watched bits and pieces on Saturdays.

I think the one and done makes it harder for me to pay attention. I really wish they'd let them declare straight out of HS or have them commit 2 years to college. It's hard to invest when the best players move on after 4 month. Maybe it's me getting older... who knows.


finebammer said...

personally, i think greenberg's gonna make somebody a great coach.

va. tech firing a basketball coach is like ole miss firing any coach.

neither of them put very much into their programs.

bobbyjack said...

I was hoping Greenberg was going to hired by us when xcmg was sent packing. VA Tech is Auburn hoops of the ACC... no one there cares about it. Good luck finding a decent coach that would willingly live in that dump .

MSmilie said...

I don't blame Tech for firing Greenberg (in 9 seasons he accomplished very little despite having some rosters capable of being tournament teams at a time when the ACC as a whole was trending downwards), but their timing couldn't have been worse. Not only does it hurt Greenberg's ability to bounce back quickly and find another job (no doubt ESPN has already offered him a truckload of money to be an analyst for the network), but it's also going to limit who Tech can target at this late stage. They would have been better off allowing Greenberg back and having a plan in place in case he had another underachieving season.

Not sure I agree that Greenberg will make someone a great coach. The guy has never really gotten over the hump at any of the places he's coached at. Granted, South Florida and Virginia Tech are both tough jobs, but I think Greenberg's personality has carried him further than his actual coaching ability.

I didn't see Hankerson heading to Laramie (it's a bit different than Miami), but it makes a little more sense when you remember the Wyoming coach and Grant were on Donovan's staff together. Hopefully it works out for him.

alabamalib said...

Wyoming ? ? ?

What happened to all the talk about him going to Miami? Well, he should be a star at Wyoming....

And with Jason Carter planning to suit up at Ole Miss, that's a bit awkward.... Whatever happened to Demetrious Jemison? I can't remember if I ever heard what school he went to.

The impatience I'm having about not knowing who will be the 3 newcomers is tormenting me. What are these future signees waiting on? ? They've met the personnel, made the visits, ... so, what's up?? The suspense is killing me...

The new basketball players for Coach Hudson's Crimson Tide women's team for next fall are Emily Davis, Nicole Hegstetter, and Jasmine Steele. Can anyone confirm whether she is the sister of Ron and Andrew ? And then in 2013 we're expecting Keonna Farmer and Courtney Hunter.


BamaRustyGold said...

4 Star PF commit for 2013 class.

Looks like a good pick up. Could really use him this year!

MSmilie said...

Lib: Demetrious Jemison transferred to Manhattan for one season. If I remember correctly, Manhattan was terrible that season though Jemison had a solid year.

There's no guarantee that the program will sign three newcomers, Lib. Obviously they hope to sign Pollard but they may choose to sit on the other offers until next year (they have already offered quite a few guys in the 2013 class).

finebammer said...!/Capstonereport/statuses/195573348321869824

Cecil Hurt
‏ @CecilHurt
UA basketball coach Anthony Grant said today that Crimson Tide "almost certainly" won't be at full roster of 13 next season.

so it seems m is right.

it's pollard or bust.