Friday, April 06, 2012

Hankerson, Mitchell leaving Tuscaloosa

Not unexpected, but in Hankerson's case I don't blame him. He should've gotten more playing time. Hankerson, Mitchell gone

I don't follow recruiting, but this is what I know... 3 years of Grant... 2 busts.

I'll go ahead and put this out here... I'm not a big fan of CAG. I don't think he'll take us any further than Mark Gottfried did in his underwhelming 11 seasons.


finebammer said...

"I think there are just happy times ahead with him," (Athletics Director Mal) Moore said.

"happy times" bj.

"happy times".

you're not "happy"???

Anonymous said...

Who you gonna get BJ?

Mark Gottfried left the program in pitiful shape.

Hankerson had a couple of good games off the bench and that is it. He knew he would never be a starter, or get the minutes he desired. He did give 100% when he was out there though. He is far less talented than Lacey, Randolph, Cooper or Steele.

AlabamaLib said...

Tony Mitchell's departure is not surprising to me, after his reputation got destroyed by whatever wrongful act(s) he committed. But Charles Hankerson, Jr.'s transfer is troubling. I was always affected by his enthusiasm and happiness, so this stunning announcement seemed out of character for him and his happy nature. I truly think more playing time for Hankerson was inevitable in the future at Alabama, but perhaps Coach Grant had higher expectations for him than what was produced in his first two seasons with the minutes given to him. Will they have to sit out for a season and emerge again in 2013-14?

OK.. we now have additional scholarships available for Coach Grant and the Alabama Staff to go recruit with, and find some big-time players, especially Forwards. I don't think next year's promising season has taken a backward step at all with today's news, and my optimism and excitement remain very extremely high for next year's basketball season. How many days until tip off ? It's still going to be a great year.

MSmilie said...

Up early for a road trip today and I see this news.

Bobby: Who are the 2 busts? I know you are a big fan of Hankerson, but the kid was a 3-star recruit coming out of high school. Not sure how he qualifies as a bust?

Having written that, I will miss him. He provided energy and production off the bench. And when he was given an opportunity, he made the most of it. Unfortunately, there is a logjam of guards on the team right now and someone was going to lose playing time as a result. In my opinion, Hankerson doesn't have the upside of guys like Randolph, Cooper and Lacey. As those three improve, it was going to become more difficult for him to get minutes. I can't blame him for wanting more playing time. I expect him to transfer to a school closer to home (possibly FIU, which is in his hometown of Miami....and currently seeking a coach after they fired Isiah Thomas).

With Tony Mitchell, I think we all expected this when he did not return to the team during the season. Whatever the issue was, it was obviously never resolved between Tony and the coaching staff. The kid is immensely talented, I hope he lands on his feet.

I don't like guys transferring, but it's become a normal occurrence in the sport. It's happening everywhere, regardless of the success or failure of a program.

That now opens three scholarships with Green's eligibility up. I know we have offered two guys, Devonta Pollard and DeVon Walker,a 6'5 180 lb SG (another possible reason why Hankerson split). I'm sure you guys have read about Pollard. Walker has been a bit of a late bloomer. He's rated by most services as a 3-star, but he's currently being offered by the likes of Uconn (have to figure they're out due to the APR fiasco), FSU, Florida and UCF.

I'd like to see the team add another big man as I think that's a primary concern going into next season. I'm hoping Jacobs makes a big jump next season, but nothing is guaranteed. And while I like Gueye and Engstrom, they don't offer much beyond their size right now.

Happy resurrection day, everybody.

finebammer said...

"Yes, I will defend Anthony Grant. The man has done right by Alabama in his first three years and I think we are lucky to have him as our head coach."

you're lucky, bj.

damn lucky.

bobbyjack said...

I'll answer questions posted:

- No where did I say fire Grant, but I don't think we have a guy in place much better than the one we sent away. xCMG had to be moved, but we replaced him with a guy that has a 1st round win over one of the worst Duke teams in memory on his resume. If you go back to the hire, you'll see I was the most skeptical of the posters on here. Also, we are paying top 20 money for a coach that's still green. I might be wrong and he'll take us to heights not seen since Wimp (who whether people like it or not, is the standard bearer here), but I don't see it. What I see is making the NCAAT as a 6 seed or lower and going home either in round 2 or 3.

M- I was refering to 3 recruiting classes. 2 of them have been busts. I'm high on Lacey and Cooper... lukewarmish on Jacobs and Randolph. I hope 2 of them makes an impact next season.

Hankerson was our best 3 point shooter last season. Check the stats. Our 2nd best... Tony Mitchell... who quite honestly I'm not sad to see go, but from a personnel standpoint he's a huge loss.

Go, going into next season we have two serious questions... perimeter shooting (again, for the 4th season) and post up player. gueye and he Swede are nice '10 minute' off the bench guys, but not much more than that. Again, I hope both make great strides in the off-season, but let's be honest... that's gonna be serious steps.

What are we next year? If we get both guys mentioned we are probably what we were this past season.

FB- I think your expectations are too high for our basketball program... all I want is to reach Wisconsin success levels. I don't think I'll see Alabama in the Final Four in my lifetime. All I want is an occasional SEC Championship and maybe a SECT title or 2 every 10yrs. And a run to the Sweet 16 3 out of 10.

Something to ponder- we have played past the 1st week of the NCAAT ONE TIME in the past 21 years. Chew on that for a minute.

I know how Cub fans feel now.

AlabamaLib said...

I would not consider a Recruiting Class consisting of Trevor Releford a bust, nor one consisting of Randolph & Lacy a bust. I guess Grant's very first recruiting class is being held against him, but how fair is that ? Tell me what young newcomer has instant basketball recruiting success with out-of-state recruits at a school that has multiple successful sports (besides basketball)?

Alabama Women's basketball team was never expected to be a Final Four Team either... BUT THEY DID IT !

The truth is..... no one knows for sure who will end up in the Final Four, and this reality is proven every year ! I have the serious expectation that this will happen for Alabama, sooner or later, in my lifetime.

George Mason, Butler, and VCU sure did it ! WE ARE DUE ! What percent of the SEC has been in the Final Four? I truly believe that the next SEC team new to the Final Four will be the ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE ! Yes Sir !

Alabama men's basketball being ranked #1 in the nation is NOT an unknown thing ! We can get there.
I don't know when, but Alabama men will get there ! It's happening now, step by step.

Step 1: building from nothing = 2010.
Step 2: getting to the NIT and darned almost winning it all = 2011.
Step 3: getting to the NCAA tournament and nearly making it to the 2nd round despite a one-point loss = 2012.
Step 4: ????? (the best is yet to come, and hopefully DEVONTE POLLARD as well !)
We're moving in the right direction!

I wonder if the Alabama kid at LSU regrets going there, because he had said that he chose LSU for its coach.... tsk*tsk*tsk....(and C-Sword of Montgomery has been made a fool of by selecting MissStake)...

Eamon said...

I'm not sure why there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the state of the basketball program... There has been improvement in every season under Grant. He got the program back to the NCAA Tournament this season, and we'll see where he takes it from there.

The Mitchell loss isn't a surprise, and I'm not convinced that it will hurt the team. There are plenty of wings on this roster, and his production can easily be replaced. Hankerson leaving is more of a surprise, but, again, with all of the wings on this roster, his production won't be missed too badly.

Next season should be another good one. Yeah, three point shooting will be a concern. Lacey, Randolph, and Cooper didn't quite live up to their billing, at least from outside the arch. But, they were freshman, and all three showed flashes of being great players. I'm not sure Randolph will ever be a dominating force on the offensive end, but his defense and hustle will always make up for that. I wouldn't call that class a bust under any circumstance. Nor would I close the book on the 2012 class, with Pollard and Walker still there.

Releford and Steele aren't shooters, and they never will be, but they both are extremely important pieces who make the team better. I'm really high on Jacobs. He has serious potential on offense, and has enough strength to improve on defense. I wouldn't rule out Gueye improving a lot over this offseason. He needs a lot of work, but JUCOs usually make huge strides in their second seasons, and he has all of the physical tools.

Who knows if Grant will take the program to the next level, but he has it headed in the right direction. The news today doesn't really change that, even if you were a fan of Hankerson.

finebammer said...


what alabama lib said.

i expect that we should make the sweet sixteen every year and when we don't the season should be considered a failure.


if mid majors can make the final four there's no damn reason on earth we can't.

(especially when we're forking out a cool two mil a year for coaching)

wimp sanderson did it for less than half what we're paying grant.

(i remember having a 'bama basketball tee shirt with the three sec championships in a row we won in '89, '90 and '91 printed on it. one regular season and two tournament as i recall. think about that)

but as i have said before many times, what any of us expect doesn't mean jack squat. it's what mal moore and the football flunkies who run this incredibly dysfunctional athletic dept. expect. and they expect grant to produce enough so that basketball operates in the black. that's it.

and don't kid yourself. some of the same dysfunction that cripples our basketball program infects the football side too. people are just willing to wade through it for football.

m posting in another thread spoke of how "lucky" we are to have anthony grant. who we're lucky to have is nick saban. mal(function) had a handshake agreement with rich rodriguez. had his wife not heard paul finebaum spoofing her for her loretta lynn appearance on his radio show, we'd likely be suffering through another mal moore led coaching search instead of celebrating our 14th football national championship.

looking back, it's truly amazing wimp sanderson accomplished what he did in that environment. (and trust me, it was MUCH more hostile to basketball then than now)

at the time, i was shocked, saddened and embarrassed upon the revelation of his affair. but to a degree, i'll always believe hootie ingram knew of it and allowed it to happen, giving sanderson the rope to hang himself with.

somebody down there knew, never doubt it. ditto the petrino scandal. somebody knew about that, too.

folks here have criticized the fan base and students this past year but i'm telling you there's NEVER been a better environment for growing basketball at alabama than now. ever.

if somebody could just take advantage of it.

finebammer said...

" If you go back to the hire, you'll see I was the most skeptical of the posters on here."

ahem. after grant's week-long wait to see if the florida job would come open, not more skeptical than me. of course, maybe i'm not considered a "poster"?

commenter maybe??

(this is your opportunity to jump in, m! ;-)===)

"gueye and he Swede are nice '10 minute' off the bench guys, but not much more than that. "

really? has everyone just completely missed or forgotten the improvements these two guys made in the four games bonehead green was suspended???

i NEVER saw jamychal green adjust opponents behavior in the paint like gueye and engstrom did. with proper instruction, i believe gueye can be a dikemba mutumbo clone.

i'll be severely disappointed if they don't make significant contributions this season.

(seriously, what is it about our program that effort seems to take a backseat to skills??? we saw the same thing when wallace and grizzard played together that one season. i would much rather see a guy play who'll d up in somebody's face and dive in the stands for a loose ball than somebody who can shoot lights out when they're not on their rag. i challenge anyone to name a player that made more improvement for the entire season than gueye and engstrom did for those four games. yet when the chance in the big dance rolled around, the two of them didn't sniff playing time. they're benched in favor of a supposed more skilled player who has made a career in tuscaloosa of keeping his head in his ass.)

"There has been improvement in every season under Grant. He got the program back to the NCAA Tournament this season, and we'll see where he takes it from there."

disagree completely. i in no way believe this past season's team was better than the previous. yes, they made the tournament but i believe the quality of play overall in basketball this past season caused the tourney to slog back past them.

"I'm not sure why there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the state of the basketball program..."

because there are some of us who genuinely care who've been around here a hell of a lot longer than the three short years grant has been here. a lot of us knew something was wrong in the gottfried error a hell of a lot longer than it took the university to figure it out.

yeah, you're damn right i expect a lot and i want it now. i've been a fan thru c. m. newton's frustration and dragging up for greener pastures. thru slap sanderson. thru the incompetence of david hobbs. thru gottfried's bullshit.

i've had many rail at me over my criticism of hobbs and gottfried and it's sounds EXACTLY like those voices now.

yeah, maybe that's not fair to grant. but at two million a year, he, jamychal green, msmilie and whoever the hell else can suck it up and get over it.

bobbyjack said...

The difference between us and those mid major teams that made the final four... Team experience. Most of those teams were upperclassmen driven.
Temple and mizzou have not been to the final four either, but I suspect mizzou will finally make it in the next few yrs or so.

Regarding the 3 yr progress... I agree with FB in that last years team was better. Instead of going 4-2 vs the east we went 2-4... and outside of the Arkansas game in Fayetteville we didn't pull any surprises.

Another thing that really bothers me is our 3pt shooting has gotten worse every yr. I have to believe this past season is the bottom, but we really need to see almost 10% improvement from the guys coming back. Bank seemed to be the only guy not tentative about shooting from outside. Lacey came on late, but it's like they're scared to shoot from there.

Alabamalib said...

Last year's team of 2010-2011 was MUCH MUCH MORE EXPERIENCED (we all agree to that fact, yes?) and perhaps better, because it finished in 4th place instead of 5th place...

And we are miserably complaining about that ? ? ? How short-sighted we are for thinking that the program has gone backwards due to having 4 freshmen this year!

We got THE BEST set of freshmen returning in the whole SEC ! Amen !

I believe that every single Guard on the current Alabama team has the potential to emerge into a sharpshooter and be a serious offensive threat. Didn't the example of Mikhail Torrance in his senior year get noticed ?

Who's with me? I'm EXCITED for the future of BAMA HOOPS ! ROLL TIDE!
(I hope Devonte Pollard feels this excitement as well, and sign up!)

MSmilie said...

BamaLib: There's no point in arguing with Finebammer. The man is a stubborn jackass who is locked into what perceives as reality. Trust me on this one.

MSmilie said...

Responding to Bobby's last comment: I don't think anyone disputes that the 2010-11 team was a better overall team (the contributions of Hillman, Charvez and, especially, Chris Hines were severely underappreciated). That team was a tournament-caliber team at the end of the season that could have won a game or two if they had been selected. So no disagreement there.

However, I think it makes the job this past season more impressive in that Grant and his staff were able to overcome a lack of leadership from the returning upperclassmen while working in so many young guys to still log 20+ wins and make the NCAA tournament.

Now with Tony and JaMychal gone, the young guys have to improve as well as the returning players (Releford has to improve his jump shot because teams quickly figured out how to defend him after he had such a stellar freshman season). There are certainly questions for next year's team to answer, but the roster has plenty of potential for improvement.

I think all four of this year's freshmen have upside. They all had moments this season in which you could see their potential. I see nothing to suggest that they won't continue to grow as players. I expect all four of them to have good seasons next year.

Believe it or not, I agree with FB on something. That being that Gueye could develop into a defensive presence around the rim. I certainly see more long-term potential in Moussa than I do in Carl. I don't see him as Dikembe Mutombo (not even close), but he could play a role similar to the one Roy Rogers once did. The key for him is can he stay healthy. Before his limited minutes this season, the poor guy had been beset by injuries for the better part of two years. Fortunately, he has two years of eligibility remaining so there's time for him to meet that potential. Bottom line: if the staff does not sign a big man in the late signing period (really, even if they do sign someone), Jacobs, Gueye and Engstrom are all going to have to be productive for the team next season. If not, Alabama will suddenly become a very small team and any continued perimeter shooting woes will become that much more pronounced.

As far as Grant's salary: if you truly have a problem with what he's making, blame the guys who paid him. I don't personally agree with what coaches make in any sport, but it's unfortunately what the market determines. Grant was a hot coaching prospect and Bama needed to pony up some cash to get him, but anyone who thought the man could take Bama to the Sweet 16 in three years was deluding themselves. We as fans may not want to admit it but the program was in piss poor shape when Grant came in. Whoever was hired - let me say it again, WHOEVER was hired - was looking at a rebuilding job of at least 3-5 years.

Can Grant restore the program to a place where it contends for SEC titles and success in March? I think he can (assuming someone else doesn't hire him away in the next two years). I know cats like Finebammer think I'm baselessly defending the man, but I love Alabama basketball like the rest of you. If I thought Anthony Grant was not moving the program forward, I would be critical of him or anyone else. At this moment in time, I think the program is in fine hands.

finebammer said...

"i challenge anyone to name a player that made more improvement for the entire season than gueye and engstrom did for those four games."

since no one's offering up any names, i'll assume we all agree on my assertion by default.

mark my words here. the guy who knows nothing about basketball, comments from a bubble, has personal problems with anthony grant, (implying that my criticism of grant is racially motivated, ignoring the fact that the level of my criticism of grant hasn't skimmed the criticism i've leveled at white coaches there) yeah, THAT guy is telling you that barring injury, gueye AND engstrom (provided they get a FAIR shot at playing time) are going to make significant contributions to this team.

i also would argue that AS A TEAM, we never looked better than the arkansas and tennessee games that gueye and engstrom stepped in for the former player-on-his-period.

it's funny really. we sit behind these computers and discuss the need for team chemistry to be successful and completely ignore what's before our very eyes.

but oh, that's right! we "matched up well" with tennessee and arkansas. we didn't "match up well" with a team full of blue and orange midgets on our home court.

winning in the sec at basketball ain't that hard, guys. it's a VERY top heavy league in case you haven't noticed.

there's kentucky and florida, then we go over a very steep cliff.

we finished behind a FIRST YEAR COACH AT TENNESSEE!

it could have been different. pro basketball is a players game. just ask stan van gundy.

college basketball is a coach's game. just ask john calipari.

on paper, our league this coming season will be significantly weaker.

kentucky's a blank slate. (kind of)

miss. st. is in shambles.

lsu has to find a coach

who knows how arkansas will ride out of the woodpile. (sorry, it was too easy)

georgia, s. carolina, auburn, ole piss.......please.

our success this season will have less to do with the performance of it's players than the coaching from court side.

i don't have a problem shelling out bucks for a coach.

i do expect him to EARN IT.

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: I don't agree with your assertion. Sorry, but I didn't see what you saw in those four games. Yes, they had moments where they played well, but I think the Florida game was an example of what the team would have looked like with Gueye and Engstrom playing major minutes this season. They were completely dominated by a smaller player in Patric Young because they could not match his strength or his athleticism, and Young's is a guy who primarily plays around the rim. How lost would they have been against post players with range? Quite frankly, I don't think Engstrom is ever going to be able to go toe-to-toe with the best interior players in this league on a nightly basis. Gueye might if his legs hold up. I'm sorry to have to continue to force feed this to you, but JaMychal Green was the best interior player that the team had this season and they sorely missed Chris Hines toughness and leadership. As of right now, there is a void in the paint. Hopefully, Jacobs, Gueye or Engstrom will be able to step up and play solid ball for long stretches next season. If the perimeter game improves, that will be enough. If not, then that's a concern because none of those guys bring the skill set that Green had. Green could play with his back to the basket, had a mid-range game, could hit free throws and was, for the most part, a good defender. He was also a better rebounder than any of those three guys. If they're going to make "significant contributions" to this team, they better get to work this summer.

Eamon said...

The SEC isn't an easy conference to win... Don't give me that. Whether it is top heavy or not, Kentucky and Florida are to of the best programs in the country and know how to win consistently. Vanderbilt has a nice program as well (although they will be rebuilding this year), as does Tennessee. Ole Miss has never gotten over the hump with Kennedy, but he does have them consistently competitive. Missouri will be good this year with all of their transfers, and Arkansas has a lot of talent returning.

I think Gueye and Engstrom could be very good players in the near future, but neither were ready to play this year. Gueye was already a project, and the injuries didn't help him. Whether or not you like Green, he was easily the best option of the three.

finebammer said...

" but I think the Florida game was an example of what the team would have looked like with Gueye and Engstrom playing major minutes this season. They were completely dominated by a smaller player in Patric Young because they could not match his strength or his athleticism,"

"Whether or not you like Green, he was easily the best option of the three."

you know what, i'll admit it, you guys are right! i forgot about that sec tournament game we played against florida that green started and the play of gueye and engstrom was basically non-existent.

green played so well against young that we........wait a minute.......LOST???


sorry guys. the fact that you can't name more improved players makes my case.

yes, they lost to the second best team in the conference in the second game after bonehead's THIRD suspension.

hey, we got ran out of our own gym by the third best team in the conference with green starting.

but wait, i forgot, vanderbilt was so good, they beat us at home and then went on a FOUR GAME LOSING STREAK.

this is NOT about who's the better individual player. this is about how that played AS A DAMN TEAM.

nobody thought we would beat tennessee. nobody.

they looked better, shot the ball better, played better AS A TEAM.

for the season we NEVER looked better than at bud walton arena with no bonehead. another game nobody thought we would win. BUT WE DID BECAUSE WE PLAYED BETTER AS A TEAM.

and as gueye and engstrom's play improved, as they became more comfortable in real time game situations, THE TEAM PLAYED BETTER.

"The SEC isn't an easy conference to win..."


what i really said:

"winning in the sec at basketball ain't that hard,"

winning in. not winning "the".

kentucky, obviously, national champion....great coach.

florida, good team.....great coach.

vanderbilt, all over the map this year. yeah, they won the conference tournament but if you looked at pre-season predictions, their play didn't live up to expectations. honestly, they should have finished ahead of florida. stallings....good coach regardless.

the rest, the tin cans of college basketball. just no other way to put it.

my expectations for this season:

beat kentucky.

finish ahead of tennessee and vanderbilt. (which means we finish third behind florida and kentucky)

sweep auburn, ole piss and miss. st.

no pre-conference losing streaks.

sweet sixteen.

if anthony grant is the coach you believe he is m, those are doable.

and at two million a year, all of us should EXPECT IT.

Eamon said...

Florida =/= Tennessee. I don't care what happened head-to-head between those two. Beating this year's Tennessee was one thing. Beating this year's Florida was another. Green was a better, more-developed player this season. That's not an indictment on Gueye or Engstrom, but in the short term, I can't fault Grant for going with him. Who knows what would have happened had Green not returned to the team. The team might have collapsed because of the lack of production in the post. If it had, you would still be complaining and calling for Grant's head.

Don't insult my intelligence when you're hiding behind vague, poorly-thought out complaints that try to undermine what Grant has achieved in the past few years. This team HAS "won in the SEC." A 21-11 record over the past two seasons prove that. If you want SEC championships, then that might take a while. Kentucky and Florida have consistent, powerhouse programs.

Your expectations seem fine. Not all of those will happen (I don't predict a win in the dump that is the Tad Pad), but that's not too unrealistic. Your problem isn't your expectations. It's your failure to concede that anything positive has happened lately. Even if they were to make the Sweet Sixteen, you'd still probably b*tch and moan about not making the Final Four, or about some decision made by the coaching staff late in the season. Not everything will happen overnight, and Grant has taken positive steps each year with the team and the program. There is a difference between having concerns about a coach's performance and simply being stupid and anal. You're definitely on the latter end of that spectrum.

MSmilie said...

Can I get an "amen" for Eamon? Right on, brother!

Finebammer: Don't be stupid. Bama may have lost to Florida in New Orleans but it was a night and day performance compared to the first game in Tuscaloosa. And what was the major difference....oh yeah, we actually had a post presence in that game. Truth be told, Alabama should have won the damn game. Alas, JaMychal missed a key free throw despite playing an otherwise solid game. However, he certainly wasn't pushed around by Young as Gueye and Engstrom were in Tuscaloosa.

Look, I like Gueye and Engstrom. I hope they become "significant contributors", but they simply aren't there yet.

No way around it, Alabama must become more competitive against the upper tier teams. They had a chance to take a step this season with Vandy and UF in Tuscaloosa, but didn't get it done. Those games were discouraging, no doubt. And if we can't make some headway in the next year or two against the top teams, I will be concerned about where the program is trending. I'm not there yet though simply because I still see Alabama as a work-in-progress.

Sweet 16? I don't know about that. We'll see what the team looks like coming into November. My personal expectations are that the young guys improve shooting the ball, Trevor Releford expands his offensive game, the interior guys become better defenders and rebounders and we bring in a contributor or two in this late signing period. If that happens, the rest will take care of itself, I think.

Geez, you sure are worried about the man's salary. Are you paying his salary? Shut the hell up about his salary. All of these head coaches in the major sports are overpaid. Nick Saban wins championships and I believe he's an overpaid son of a bitch. Unfortunately, it's not up to me what these guys make so I don't spend a lot of my time commenting on it.

finebammer said...

"Nick Saban wins championships and I believe he's an overpaid son of a bitch."


Coach Saban in five short years has turned the program around 180 degrees, (remember juwan simpson? the '06 duke game??) brought us two BCS championships and SINGLE-HANDEDLY made alabama athletics one of the most profitable in the nation.

they change fucking rules because of Nick Saban.

and he's an overpaid sob.

(and i'm the anal one here!)

MSmilie said...

You are the anal one here, no doubt about it.

A football or basketball coach, professional player, actor, etc. making what these people make is obscene. That's my opinion. However, it has no real bearing on my daily existence or my abilities to take care of myself or my loved ones so I don't spend too much time thinking about what these cats make.

Anonymous said...

How would you know he is far less talented that those you name when he played 3 min all season. Do you know basketball?