Monday, April 09, 2012

Rodney Hood Transferring from Mississippi State

The new State basketball coach, Rick Ray, was already facing an uphill battle in his first season in Starkville with the departures of Dee Bost, Renardo Sidney and Arnett Moultrie. That chore becomes even tougher with tonight's news that gifted 6'8, 204 lb forward, Rodney Hood is leaving the program. In the news releases I've read it is not yet known if he will seek transfer or enter the NBA draft.

Assuming he transfers to another program, this could be potential news for the Alabama program. Keep in mind that Alabama was one of Hood's final five schools he considered before signing with Mississippi State. More than likely, Hood will have to sit out one season per NCAA transfer rules, but the kid's raw talent is enough that the NBA draft geeks have pinned him as a possible 1st round pick at some point in the future. I seriously doubt State will allow him to transfer within conference, but it's certainly something to keep an eye on in the days ahead.

Again, it is unknown if Hood will seek transfer or take his chances in the draft, but there are certain to be a lot of schools clamoring for his talents should he stay in school. He had a very productive first season with averages of 10.3 pts and 4.8 rebs per game, which netted him selection to the All-SEC freshman team.


Alabamalib said...

As MissStake is becoming a trainwreck, I wonder if LSU will follow in demise.

If the SEC-West still existed for men's basketball, the Alabama Crimson Tide would continue its dominance over the original pack on through the future!

(but alas, the eastern powers couldn't stand there being a co-champion, in my eyes, which is why women's basketball under the dominance of Summit never went to divisional play, despite there being greater balance between East and West.)

What is the possibility of incoming freshman Reggie Ragland playing basketball in the spring? He's supposed to be a decent basketball player too around the rim.

I really hope Devonte Pollard really enjoyed his visit this past weekend in "T'town"! Surely his family is concerned about the travelling involved should he consider georgetown in expensive DC.

MSmilie said...

Lib: I personally am in favor of them getting rid of the divisions for basketball. Alabama winning western division titles would have been nice, I guess, but it would have, for the most part, meant nothing. No, in order for Alabama basketball to progress, they have to become more competitive against the likes of Kentucky, Florida and Vandy.

As far as I know, Alabama has not made an offer to Ragland so I assume there is currently no interest.

I hope Pollard enjoyed his visit as well, though I can't fathom why the coaching staff didn't try to bring him in during A-Day weekend. Maybe they tried.

If I had to guess, I would say that Pollard is probably DC-bound. With Hollis Thompson declaring for the NBA draft, Pollard will receive a lion's share of minutes at Georgetown. He probably would at Bama as well with Tony Mitchell now gone, but my gut leans towards Georgetown.

bobbyjack said...

Looks like $tate will be fielding a team of scrubs next yr. My heart bleeds for them as they take their rightful place near the bottom of the SEC for years to come.

Hiring a Clemson asst... what, did Dabo Swinney tell them no? Heh.

Hville said...

Ragland was 6'2" as a 6th grader, but now is no bigger than 6'3"-6'4". He never grew much more than that. That's perfectly fine for a linebacker, but not good for a post player at the high school level. His athelticism and size really helped him at Bob Jones, but he does not project well at the college level for basketball. Ragland as a linebacker is another story....

Eamon said...

Rumor has it that Jalen Steele and Wendell Lewis are on their way out of $tarkville as well.

This just keeps getting better and better.

MSmilie said...

Eamon: If that's true, Rick Ray may ask for a transfer.