Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tony Mitchell to enter NBA draft

While I'm not surprised by the decision, I foresee a career overseas or at best, in the NBDL. Hey it worked for Alonzo Gee and I think Mitchell is a similar type player so who knows. Good luck to him and I hope he gets things turned around.

Some places have him as a fringe late 1st rounder. Kennedy Winston was listed as one too... and we remember how that turned out.

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Nick said...

Mitchell doesn't have the work ethic or determination that Gee has. He won't be in the NBA.

BamaRustyGold said...

This probably doesnt help our chances of landing Pollard.

finebammer said...

i wouldn't sweat it BRG.

we're good enough to beat auburn as is. that's all that really matters.

finebammer said...


MSmilie said...

Finebammer: If you're referring to my post about Auburn and that's what you deduced from it, you need to put your reading glasses on again.

DJC said...

Actually, I think this helps us. I don't see Pollard going to LSU with them getting involved so late. Remember, he is supposed to announce Friday. Plus, it hurts Georgetown, who most believe to be our biggest competitor for him.

bamalib said...

LSU and Auburn are in disarray and on their way down, led by unproven coaches. Rodney Hood (or Devonta Pollard) going to LSU would not be a wise move at this point in time. Why would he go join a team that will be competing for the BOTTOM of the SEC ?

If Devonta plans to make his announcement on Friday, he could make it exciting to do so in front of the huge audience expected to attend the tough softball Alabama vs Florida Softball Game this weekend, essentially the SEC Regular Season Championship between the two biggest softball rivals east of the Mississippi River ! ROLL TIDE ROLL

Eamon said...

Well, if LSU were able to get Hood/Pollard I doubt they would be on the way down. They already have some solid players like Hickey, O'Bryant, Turner, and Stringer. I seriously doubt either one of those guys will go to LSU, but I don't think they're in that bad of a situation. Auburn, on the other hand, is a mess.

But I don't see how Kirby going to LSU would hurt Grant's chances of landing Pollard. If anything, it would hurt Georgetown. Maybe LSU will make a late run, but it seems like it's too litte/too late for them. So then it's down between Missouri and Alabama.

BamaRustyGold said...

I'm not sure how much stock to put into this story, but if he does delay his announcement then I would say LSU is definately in the mix.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mizzou is out of the mix for Pollard.

bamalib said...

Ralston Turner realizes he made a mistake in going to LSU and is seeking to continue elsewhere, but LSU bans him from transferring to another SEC school, but is accepting his transfer. NC State seems to be a possible destination.

MSmilie said...

Bamalib: Please stop referring to players signing with someone other than Alabama a "mistake". You've done it a couple of times now and it's really annoying me.

These kids made the choice they believed to be right for them at the time. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Just like decisions that you, I and everyone else makes in life. If a state kid wants to get the hell out of Alabama and go play somewhere else, more power to him. It's his life.

And regarding Ralston Turner: I seriously doubt he would be transferring if Trent Johnson was still coaching there. Coaching changes bring transfers. It's a normal process.

finebammer said...

"Bamalib: Please stop referring to players signing with someone other than Alabama a "mistake". You've done it a couple of times now and it's really annoying me."

"If you don't like what I write or my opinions..................., just avoid my posts"

m, one could suggest you practice what you preach.

lib, keep up the good work. i need all the help i can get.

heh heh.

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: Fair enough.

Lib: Post away.